A word about the content

Dear players,

We received a lot of feedback and questions regarding the content in the game since currently our release schedule is not very consistent outside of the events. And we are happy to share with you some details that will impact positively the game in a close future.

We are taking a lot of time to release new content for Gay Harem because it takes a whole team of passionate artists to create men so handsome and story so fun. However, there is a bottleneck in our production process. The drafts and the sketches are created by a dedicated artist, who then redirects them to the rest of our team of artists who do the inking, the coloring and the final touches that make the Haremverse guys so hot. Basically, the whole content depends on this first artist.

We worked on our internal organisation and processes to optimize the production time and optimize this first step and we were able to produce an event faster than previously. While we will keep trying to optimize this process, this is about to become the standard procedure. This huge change in our production schedule gave us the opportunity to to work more on the adventure in the game. Our aim is to start releasing one quest per month after the next scheduled event- the end of World 6 and the first quest of World 7. The release of a new world means the creation of a new villain and 4 new handsome guys in addition to the quest, our team needs a bit more time…

Next to the quest and events release, we are currently working on a heavy content-based feature that will be available within the second trimester of 2019. When the content part of the feature is done, within the next couple of month, our team will be able to work on different aspects of the game and increase the amount of content we release.


Just like you, we would like to see Gay Harem grow faster and achieve its full potential. And we are already putting the extra work to do it. We will keep trying to increase the size of our Content team dedicated to your favourite adult game. We are keeping our spirits motivated while we look for new artists but we need your help: if you know any talented and kinky people that would enjoy to participate in the adventure Gay Harem, please contact us.

Yours truly,
The Kinkoid Team

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