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Hello guys,
We opened this topic to update all of you quickly and easily on issues which are impacting all of you, the players.
These issues have been reported via the ticketing system, the forum, Discord, and social media.
The “Known Issues” section is a list of all the issues which have been reported by players and the Tech team is currently working. Please refer to this section to get the latest updates on the situation.
The “Fixed Issues” section is a list of all the issues which have been resolved.
We hope you’ll find this topic useful.
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For the past few months, our beloved second Haremverse game with gorgeous sexy girls has gone through so many changes, with the biggest change in the Super Hentai Clicker: the Story Mode! All the critical bugs have been fixed. Nevertheless, the game has to be improved. Follow the last news regarding Super Hentai Clicker below:


Known Issues

  • Starter offer
    • On the new version, players who already purchased “Starter Offer” months ago can see that Offer available again in the game, but the payment service refuses to accept the purchase
  • Bunny’s sex toys rebalance
    • Bunny’s sex toys increase the chance to skip a stage until Reset is available. Considering that is Stage 300 for Chapter 1 and Stage 100 for later Chapters, this Charm doesn’t have a high value
  • Tutorial
    • Add animated arrows to the Tutorial to indicate to the players where to click
  • Log in
    • An error pop up appears from time to time during the log in



Fixed Issues

Week 46

  • Office
    • Minions were not visible in the office
  • Girls
    • Angela and Notka had an empty Affection bar after finishing all her grade levels
    • Players were unable to complete grade level 7 for Justine
  • Android version
    • There was no background for Chapter 5 story


Week 45

  • Event
    • A puzzle piece was missing
    • The moves counter was bugged after switching tabs
  • Chats
    • Svetlana, stage 6: the text was not fully visible
  • Notification
    • The link in the notification was leading to a page not found instead of a page with information about the event


Week 44

  • Puzzle event
    • Link in the notification leads to a page not found on
    • Players couldn’t unlock the stage 5
    • On stage 3, 3 puzzle pieces were missing from the start
  • Monthly card
    • The price was wrong
  • Chapter 5 and 6 icon’s position
    • The icon depended on the aspect ratio
  • Boss timer
    • The timer was at 00:00 and didn’t change


Week 43

  • Chapter 5
    • The dialogues have been implemented
  • Gacha
    • The Free Gacha didn’t give a guaranteed girl during the tutorial
    • Displayed all the Crafts, not only the Crafts that players have still not gotten
    • The pool wasn’t updated after players have won one girl
  • Error message for poor connection log out
    • The message has been reworked
  • Free boosters
    • When players received a free booster, they needed to scroll to see it
  • Girls
    • Players couldn’t finish stage 1 for Blanche chat
  • Daily Missions
    • Every day, when the new Daily Missions were generated, players saw an error message
  • Instant Mojo and Affection
    • The button gave less mojo than expected if players were at MAX stage


Week 42

  • APK + Mobile on Nutaku
    • 12/10/2020: APK + mobile application released on Nutaku
  • Update
    • Game updated to version 2.0.0: new Gacha girls available


Week 41

  • Fixes
    • Mojo energizer goes on cooldown and is no longer available for use more than 1 time before going on cooldown
    • The bonuses from the crafts are still there after re-login. The bonuses from the crafts have been removed after Transcending
    • The instant Mojo and affection” button problem is fixed:  the “Instant mojo and affection” button gives Mojo
    • The issue with the 2 “mixed” minions when there is high idle/click- solved
    • The girl is no longer flickering non-stop
  • New Girls
    • Eight new Harem Girls have been released
  • Improvements
    • Small improvements in the art of the girls/minions


Week 40

The changes in version: 1.20.83 are the following:

  • The problem with the game starting to severely drop frame rate on not-high-performance systems: there is improvement and it doesn’t freeze as much.
  • Instant mojo and affection button issue: fixed
  • Game skipping stages on log out/log in: fixed
  • No Girls are shown in the Chat: fixed
  • The Claim buttons to collect achievements are missing when an achievement is complete: fixed
  • Sabrina no longer crashes all of the girls and the Harem
  • The minimum stage for reset is 100 and is working
  • Counter under girl profile pic does not update: fixed
  • No buttons for Girls and Contacts: fixed
  • Reset doesn’t give Mojo: fixed
  • Chat tablet stays visible in Office/Harem: fixed

And what’s new? There is a change in the Girls Affection Grades. Now that you are getting more content in the chat, there is no need to upgrade the girls all the way– from 9 to 10. So there is a new balance of the Affection per grade to compensate for the change.


Week 25
  • Event girl list
    • There was an infinite scroll in Event Girls list. The issue has been fixed on 18 June
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