Q&A with Ben Kinkoid

Hello Heroes!


As Christmas is closing in, the Kinkoid team would like to offer you an unique gift, representing our love for you! We want to give you time with one of the oldest members of our team : Ben Kinkoid.


You might not know his name yet he is the one that makes your wildest fantasies come true, populating the game with all these dream girls you are seducing! He is our first artist the one that gave the style you all love! And you will be able to ask him all the questions your naughty minds are thinking about!

On the seventh of December, for one hour he will will do a Q&A, in english, on our official Discord channel in which he will hang out with the community. To join us, just click on the “” in the follow us section and create an account.


So to summarise everything :

What? Q&A with Ben Kinkoid, the artist that shaped Hentai Heroes!

Where? On our official Discord server, in the specific #Dev-questions

When? On the 7th of December, at 18:00 (GMT+1) until 19:00 (GMT+1)


A full transcript of the Q&A will be posted a few days after on our official blog.


We are impatient to see you there!


Your Kinkoid Team

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