Update on the Tower of Fame Issue

Dear heroes,


The year is just starting and we are already facing new challenges. We are making decisions like we’ve never had to do before. December didn’t bring only snow and scantily dressed Christmas versions of your favorite girls. It it also brought a bug: the Tower of Fame malfunctioned and was exploited until the 25th of December to give more rewards. Some of you were helpful and alarmed us. We are extremely grateful to you.

Unfortunately, some of the players decided to abuse the bug for their advantage.

This abuse of the game is unfair to all the players and the game itself. It is hurting the game play and the balance between the players. Furthermore, it is a gross violation of our Terms of Use. These rules were created to ensure a safe, positive and sexy experience for all of our players. Any breach of these terms will not be tolerated.

The bug has been in the game for some time and deciding on the proper action took a lot of time and heated discussions between the team. Taking back the rewards from the abusers would have created even more issues so we decided to take another direction when penalizing the players.

Since this is the first time we are dealing with an issue of this kind, we decided to go gently on the offenders. We acknowledge the fact that some players might have received more rewards without realizing that there is a bug. That’s why the penalty is only for people who have undoubtedly abused the award system. The sanction is to be applied based only on this issue and not on previous offences, spending habits or seniority of the account.

There will be no further public communication on the specific penalties and the IDs of the sanctioned players. The concerned users can contact us on our official support email. If other players want to know more on the issue via our social media channels or email, we will not provide further information. This subject is private between us and the guilty players. Any call of ID or nickname in discussions on our Forum, Discord or social media will be sanctioned.


Once again we want to state that any violation of the Terms of use will not be tolerated. Feel free to review the Terms here. We would also like to sincerely thank all the players who contacted us and informed us about the bug.


Seriously yours,

Kinkoid Team

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