Free Kobans

In order to have access to the Sex Friends page, you should: 

    1. Play on,, or Harem Heroes/Gay Harem/Comix Harem on Nutaku. The cross-promos are not available on Eroges, Thrixxx and Esprit games
    2. Have an account older than 3 days.

Before completing the cross-promos, make sure that:

  • Your adblock(s) is(are) deactivated
  • You’re not in private mode
  • You’re not using a VPN

Indeed, these elements can prevent the cross-promos’ proper functioning.

Please also try logging in and out. If you still haven’t received the reward, please contact the Support.

Open a ticket like explained above. Our team will complete manually the cross-promo.
Once it is done, we’ll send you a ticket to let you know the cross-promo is completed. Then, go to Hentai/Harem Heroes!
If the message announcing the reward still doesn’t appear, go to the “Settings” on the game, then click on the button “Save”. You will now find Mizuki in your Harem!