Common questions related to payments:
You need a card that has international and online purchases enabled and is set up for 3D Secure with a 3D Password.
The amount of payment method available to you depends on your country. Some payment options are not available in some countries. The options you see when you opt to make a purchase are the options available in your country.
No, Crypto currencies can only be used for Kobans and when you intend on purchasing more than 100$ worth of Kobans. Click on the Crypto option in the game to find out more.

There are many reasons why a payment may fail and more often than not they come down to your payment card not being set up for online/international purchases or 3D secure.

We suggest you also try to complete the payment via another browser and checking if it works on other websites.

If your payment fails multiple times and your payment method meets the above requirements, we suggest opening an ingame ticket so we can try to assist you.