Orbs FAQ

 Orbs FAQ


If the news hasn’t reached you yet, we have a new feature – the Pachinko Orb. To celebrate this release Kinkoid is giving away two free Epic Pachinko games!

So go ahead and grab your ballsorbs for free spins!!!


Orbs make it possible for you to play Pachinko, without having to spend any Kobans!
Well, sounds cool, but “What else?” you might ask. You’re in luck because here’s a list of frequently asked questions about orbs – and their answers!

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FAQ Let’s go! 


Q: What is the overall purpose of the Pachinko Orbs?

A: The goal of the Orbs feature is to provide a way for players to have access to Pachinko without the absolute need of using Kobans thus making the game more and more rewarding to all active players.


Q: So far we’ve seen 3 types of Orbs in the game, how do you get the rest of the orbs?

A: We are planning to use more types of Orbs in different features. It’s a question of balance and general rewarding patterns.


Q: Through what other features are you planning for Orbs to drop?

A: We are discussing using them in Contests, Events, and maybe even Pachinko (mind-blown). Pachinkoseption? 


Q: Can several Orbs be combined and converted to a bigger x10 Game Orbs?

A: No, Orbs are strictly typified so no combinations are possible.


Q: Why are the Pachinko Orbs in different colors? 

A: General visual logic is that the color of the Orb represents the Pachinko menu color: Epic = red, Mythic = orange, Event = purple, Great = green.


Q: If I have several Orbs, can I play them all of them at once? 

A: No, Orbs are always used one by one.


Q: Will Pachinko Orbs affect the drop rate of Champions? 

A: Before, if you had already won the girl and all of the exclusive final-stage rewards from a champion, you could win items.

That wasn’t good enough. Now, each time you finish the last stage of one Champion, you will be able to win an awesome Epic Orb to use in the Pachinko!


Q: At what stages can I win Orbs from Champions?

A: Orbs are a final reward for completing the last stage of a Champion, together with Girl drops and Hero Page items.


Q: Why do lower leagues give Mythic orbs and higher leagues give Epic ones? 

A: Higher leagues give better rewards. The Epic Orbs have a higher value since they give the possibility to win better rewards in the corresponding Pachinko.


Q: Is there a limit on how many Orbs you can stash?

A: No, you can stash as many as you want, we are not limiting you.


Q: What happens to the Orbs when I have all the girls in the current pool? 

A: A tab will appear informing you that there are no girls left in the current pool. You’ll have to confirm that you’d like to play in order to continue!


 As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, please do not hesitate to share it with us!

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