The Labyrinth

We are happy to announce one of the biggest features we ever released – The Labyrinth!

The Labyrinth is an exciting and challenging addition to the Haremverse! And we are sure you will love it!


What is the Labyrinth?

To access the Labyrinth you will need to have a minimum of 35 recruits in your Harem!

The Labyrinth is located in the Sex God Path, next to the Champions and Pantheon’s Stairway.


Every two days you will have the opportunity to brave the dangers of the Labyrinth and to bring back riches from the depths. The Labyrinth consists of three exciting levels and each level is harder than the previous one. Also, at the end of each level, a powerful Boss is waiting for you to prove your worth and sex skills.

The Labyrinth comes equipped with its own shop and 5-star Legendary recruit. Every 60 days a new one will become available to be purchased.

How do you get money for the Labyrinth shop?

Well, you go deeper into the Labyrinth! Every level has multiple tiles on which you can battle your opponents. Should you win, you will be rewarded with items, boosters, and more importantly, Laby coins! With Laby coins you can purchase whatever you wish from the Labyrinth shop.

It is important to note that the Laby coins can be used only inside the Labyrinth shop, and you will not lose them as the Labyrinth resets and a new one takes its place.


Going into the Labyrinth you can choose an Adventuring Party of recruits from your Harem. The maximum number of recruits possible is 70. If you have less than 70, you can put all of them in the Adventuring Party. You can use the “Auto Select” button to fill the Adventuring Team with your strongest characters. Once you have confirmed your 70, you cannot change them until the Labyrinth cycle resets.

When challenging the opponents in the Labyrinth, you can build a Team of up to 7 people from the 70 available.

You can see your recruit stats when you hover over them:

On the left are Harmony, Attack, Defense 

On the right are Initial Mana, Mana gain per turn, and Speed 

At the bottom is the number of bulbs in the Tier V.


Progressing through the Labyrinth will tire out your recruits and they will become fatigued. When a recruit goes down to 0% Ego becomes Tired.

A Tired recruit will not be available for further selection in the battles, and you will have to find special Rejuvenation Stones to restore them or to replenish the health of all other recruits.

Angel Wings hexagons will fully heal a random recruit!

The Labyrinth will come with its own battle mechanics that you can’t see anywhere else in the Haremverse. First, the battles will generate Mana, which when full will be used by the recruits in your Harem to execute powerful Trigger Skills. 

Trigger Skills are awesome abilities that each recruit has access to, and can be used to devastate opponents. They can be unlocked by upgrading the skills of tier V. Recruits that don’t have a trigger skill unlocked will use a basic default skill instead.

Each recruit has an individual Ego bar and battle stats. This time you, the Hero, give bonuses to your recruits instead of the other way around.

In this new system, the recruits are more class-defined based on their main stat:

  • Hardcore stat gives Ego and Defense which defines these recruits as “Tanks” in RPG terms
  • Charm stat gives Mana and Mana generation (“Mages”)
  • Knowhow stat gives Damage and Speed (“Damage dealers”)


To make your journey through the Labyrinth easier you will have access to Relics. Get Relics by defeating the opponents along the way, the stronger the opponent, the higher the chance for a higher rarity Relic. The Relics have various levels of power – from Common to Mythic – and can provide powerful bonuses to your Harem. You will need every Relic that you can get to go through the Labyrinth levels and reach the end! Unlike Laby coins, the Relics are bound to the Labyrinth in which they are found, and when the new Labyrinth comes around and resets the old one, all the current Relics will be gone too.

With all that being said, when you do not prevail on a specific Labyrinth tile, this will be considered a loss. This means that you will have to select a new team and prepare for a new battle. But do not despair – the opponents will not regain their strength and any damage dealt to them will carry over to the next challenge – meaning you will potentially have to deal with a weaker opponent.

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