2017 in a nutshell

We create history together!

It’s not really easy going back into all that happened during 2017. It was a highly intense year.
We held 14 awesome events, 11 of which were normal, 2 were a special/revival ones, and 1 was a big Anniversary. There were tons of quests, with each one we were going deeper and deeper into your wildest dreams. And so much new girls, always with better quality, done with love. Endless waves of new emotions and hentairgasms. We created the best gay hentai game out there, because we believe that sexuality has no bounders. Because we believe in love. We hope we gave you good times, that will keep you wet for a long time! 😉

As a company we faced a huge sea of emotions during last year, but one thing is for sure – we always worked hard to deliver to you the best content out there!


Improving and improving.

>Definitely our biggest pick was the Rebalance. We were preparing it for more than 9 months. It was a lot of work… A lot of tests, a lot of doubts. We wanted to re-do our whole economic system, and take it to the point where it gives you more than before. We introduced the new level system, going from 40 to 400, awesome. Experience was also taken to a whole new level, allowing you to gain it by adventuring, completing missions and fighting in PvP. The 5 star project was also into the Rebalance! Girls incomes got higher! New tier of items was introduced! Kobans were assigned to you once you do your daily missions. Wohaa.. Do you remember? It was late August, the summer was crazy hot and sweat was in the air, when the day came and we finally released the Harem Heroes v2. It was the 23rd of August.

>Another big thing happened in August. Our second game came out: Gay Harem. It’s a project that we created with lots of love and passion. It also had a big mission: bringing out the diversity into hentai world, by showing the beauty of it. We didn’t know if it’s going to be a success, but it is. And we thank you for that.

>The Monthly card was introduced in November, giving you the opportunity to gain lots of kobans for a very good price, we can agree 😉

>The Hero Page, our oldest project, believe it or not, was introduced in December. This one has a really long history, it was one of the first things we wanted to do. But… we had more important missions, before. It’s one of the favorite parts of our world for Bunny, you know, she likes to show-off sometimes 😉 So she can remind how sexy and irresistable she is!

Working and working.

Ok…and a bit more 😉
So, now you may wonder what did we do in-between all these big updates? Partying with sexy, nasty girls you may say? It’s not like it didn’t happen many times 😀 But, hey, we need this to get inspiration, you know! No.. Kinkoids never stop working. That’s the truth.

Insights and funny facts.
Thanks to Patreon we managed to recruit three smart guys, eager to succeed, learn and work.
♥ Our team forces became stronger and united.
♥ After the launch, our own forum became the main tool for communicating with players.
♥ Discord became also one of our main tools to communicate with players live.
♥ Our connection with players became stronger than ever.
♥ We met players and we had amazing times.
♥ Our own forum held the biggest contest of the year.
♥ Now we have to do merchandise goodies and send them out to our players.
♥ Bunny is the most favorited girl among all other girls we have ingame.
♥ Jessie is the most favorited support girl.
♥ We almost never took holidays during 2017.
♥ Porco Rosso started a whole new trend: ‘’Man in Red (and Jessie)’’
♥ We met a lot of people with same mindset and we had fun creating business together.
♥ Wine is the most favorited drink among our team members.

We can go a long way with this list…But one things’ for sure – next year is going to be even more amazing. Speaking of which, it’s only fair we provide you with a sneak peak of what will happen during next year.


Moving forward with confidence in our plans.

♥ Events for Gay Harem in February, for Saint Valentin
♥ PVP Rework : Class modification, ability to change class/speciality, PVP will stop to compete with the boss fight, leagues system, improving the reward system provide by the PVP
♥ Harem improvement : Possibility to classify the girls and visual improvement for the harem page. Also, we desire to implement a catalogue of all the girls in the games with more personal details about them.
♥ Clubs : playing with friends is always funnier, so we want to give you the ability to group with same minded players to execute some common goals.
♥ Bosses (not official name) : The current world boss has been humiliated so many times that they represent a challenge, it’s time to go beyond ! Some high level character will be available for you to compete for bigger challenge and consequently bigger rewards
♥ Rework of the new player experiences
♥ More player/Kinkoid meetings around the world.
♥ More Patreon possibilities.
♥ More girls. More boys.
♥ More unforgettable stories.


We want you to believe.

Yes. Believe in your dreams, believe in love. When the whole Hentai Heroes adventure started, we were nothing more than a normal corporate company workers. Ok, not quite ‘’the normal ones’’ because we have wild hearts and minds willing to take the risk and follow the heart. You can’t imagine the dimensions this bet had. There was no one knowing what we do in our free time, when suddenly it became so big, we had to decide work or dreams. Our biggest pride is we took the second choice. And it brought us here today… Talking to you, going back to an year full of excitement, success and emotions. An year of dreams coming true.
We want you to know this and always believe in yourself and your dreams. 🙂 We also want you to know that we are going to stay here long, we are going to continue delivering the best content to you, creating the best girls, introducing the features you need for a better gaming experience.


We raise a glass of wine for you, we want to thank you for being here with us, because we do all this just for you.


Kinkoid team

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