PVP 2 Overall Presentation

Simple Classes

There will be a domination scheme which is a simple rock-paper-scissors mechanic, giving a Damage bonus to the dominating class. This will be implemented to give more identity to each class and a bit more depth to the PVP.

Change Class

Players will be able to change their class if they don’t like it. There will be 1 free changes and after than 600 Kobans for each change. As the previous change will increase the importance of the class, we desire to give the opportunity to the player to chose it. Giving him the ability during the tutorial, from our perspective would be a roadblock to the appreciation of the game, this is why we prefer to go with a random class that you can change for free.

The reason that we will first implement free changes is that we desire to implement a more complex system of classes within the game and at that moment, the players will receive a second chance for free.

Scaling Kobans for recharge and speed-up

Prices in Kobans calculations will change and they will be based on time needed to reach the full bar. Currently players always pay 240 Kobans for a full recharge of energy despite the amount they need to fill up the bar, and now it will cost 0.36 Kobans per minute, meaning for a full bar of 100 points it will be 270 Kobans; for 50 points it will be 135; for 25 points it will be 69 Kobans. The same thing for Combativity – maximum of 20 points will cost 216 Kobans but 10 points will cost 108 Kobans.

The Daily Missions instant finish prices will follow the same ‘cost per minute’ logic. Overall they will become a lot cheaper (~20 times cheaper). We desire to implement this to avoid any player feeling that they are partially wasting their kobans while reloading their energy or their combativity.

Daily Challenge

To improve the different reward that is provided to you by playing the game and also create more incentives to play within the arena, we are planning to implement Daily Challenge. Every day, players will be able to get cool small rewards for fighting other players during the day.

We expect also this to increase the overall activity during the day since the player will need to do more than a few actions to receive their rewards.

Tower of Fame v2

We consider that right now, the Tower of Fame is missing a lot of information and is also missing a lot of the interests that we wanted to provide when the game was launched. Right now, it is mostly a leaderboard defined by time and not by any other things. We consider that it is a bit strange that one of our main module displayed in the main menu of the game is not used as it deserves.

This first update of the ToF will introduce the different categories that players can compete in:

  • Mojo
  • XP
  • Guys
  • PvP Wins
  • Troll Wins
  • ¥ Spent
  • Stat upgrades
  • Affection
  • Harem level

The weekly rankings and the rewards about it will come later. This will give us the time to see any issues regarding the registration of the information and eventually also will see the impact on the live server before implementing something more complex.

Mojo Reset

Having the Mojo Ranking in the game since the beginning means a lot of players were farming and stacking a lot of Mojo for a long time. As you know, we’re in the process making a lot of improvements to the PvP system and in order for all systems to work properly, we are putting an end of the Pre-ejaculation Era (meaning a reset of the Mojo Ranking) and we are setting the beginning of the Power-ejaculation Era with fairer competition in the Haremverse!


For all of your efforts, you will receive a Money Reward equal to your current Mojo amount multiplied by 20.

And more social rewards might come in the future.


In the spirit of this, we are making two more small changes:

– The Matchmaking will be re-adjusted so it is fairer for all players.

– Battles against Bots will always grant 1 Mojo.


At 14.03.2018, you can expect the start of a new, more exciting Era!


Complex Classes (luck) & Luck Effect on Critical Hit Chance

To depth even more the class system, as talked previously, there no longer will be the Critical chance for everyone but Luck stat (it would probably be called Satisfaction flavor-wise). This stat will be just a number and not a percentage as the Critical chance was. This will give us the opportunity to give more importance to the critic chance in the items, dropping the 25% limit related to it, while, at the same time, provide more flavor to the “combat”. According to each class, the Luck will have provoked different effect/skill:

Hardcore will have Wildness (the Old Critical chance) : The damage of the attack will be doubled.

Charm will have Narcissism (Block chance) : The next attack from the opponent will do no damage.

Know-how will have Reassurance (Heal chance) : Instead of attacking, you will heal for the same amount of your attack.

Change Stats bonuses

To improve the overall balance of the game and make the fight more interesting, we desire to change how items and hero stats affect the battle so it is better to understand and calculate for the players. Also, we are making the primary stat a bit less powerful compared to secondary and tertiary stat.

For all the details, more detailed patch notes will be delivered here.

Guys Aff & XP (won by battle)

Players will gain additional Aff & XP from the PvP battles for the guys that are selected in their battle team. As we desire to provide more affection for each active players, we think that the PvP would be a nice opportunity to help the players to upgrade their harem in a more interactive way than just purchasing gifts. Also, we think that this will incentivize players to use different team members to get the best of the rewards, consequently creating more interesting situations.

Wins in a row & Wins vs higher level

We will introduce additional conditions for the Daily Challenge so it is not “Win X battles” every day but has a bit of flavor. This will make things more interesting and provide a bit more strategy and agency.

Weekly Rewards in ToF

This feature is huge in terms of estimated value. Players will now have the opportunity to participate in Weekly Competitions for each of the ToF categories. Also, there will be great rewards, especially for the top places in the ranking.

Top rewards will be in the range of:

  • 2M in money, 2500 XP and great item OR
  • 5M in money and great item OR
  • 350 Kobans and great item

Please remember that all the numbers posted here may be subject to change, we are just providing them in order to see the relevance of it

This will create a long-term engagement within the system as the player will be interested to be rewarded by competing against each other.

Leagues System

This feature is targeted specifically at the players that like personal PvP competition. It will provide a 2-week 100 player leaderboard where it is free for all. Each player will be able to select a specific opponent to fight but only up to 3 times max, per member of the league, for the 2-week period. Whoever gets the most wins will get the best rewards and a promotion to the next league where there are bigger rewards. For a 100 level player, top prices will range from ~ 50 Kobans + 200.000 of money up to 250 Kobans + 1M of money.

Please remember that all the numbers posted here may be subject to change, we are just providing them in order to see the relevance of it.

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