Girls comeback asking you to smash the villains!


Hello, my dear!

!This is exclusive and one time only event full of girls and items for you to take!

We are already in the second half of our revival, bringing you calendar girls and fun! You will have the chance to meet them and get to know their secrets and juicy bodies up until the 28th of January. You may also want to gift them a lot, we predicted that, we know you…
So, we’ve added precious legendary gifts, which you may get by beating up the some villains around the Harem world!! And with the 30% off battle recharges price promotion, we sure are making this event really exiting and fun!!!

A bit of faq.

>Which villain, provides what?

Starting from the Dark Lord, that bastard! He is keeping Cupid-Chan in his hands! Ninja Spy has Ishtar, waiting for you to prove her your skills! Oh, and Edwarda, keeps Spring Spirit unhappy away from your dick!
Go get them!
And when the time comes to spoil your Harem, you would have to beat some bad asses again! They will all give you the gifts your Harem has been waiting for.
Go to> Gruntt, Donatien, Sylvanus, Bremen, Finalmecia and show them whos the one!

>So much fighting! How can I do it faster?

That’s a lot of fucking and lot of pleasure! We know that and we care about you, that’s why we are also running a promotion on the price of the combativity reload until the 31st of january. When you are exhausted and without any combat point left, the price to refill all your energy point will be 30% off! Go and beat them!!!


>Ok. Daily missions, do they provide something?

Yes. Like on each revival, we provide an exclusive set of equipment! Don’t forget to finish 5 of the 7 daily missions to get the set of Syncretism.


We want to finish this letter by saying Happy 3rd Anniversary to Nutaku! Let’s celebrate this together and have nice time!

Thank you!

are you over 18?