Legendary Days!

Meet the most advanced Yonaguni creation! The legendary android H.A.L!

Gary found this android, that awaits you to stimulate it until it gets totally activated!

From the 17th up to the 21st of May, you need to save hir from Ninja Spy! There’s a risk, he does harm!

Do you want to know more about him?
Although the creators are unknown, he’s a brilliant mix of skin and synthetic components, that make him hardly resistible! But he needs convincing! His calm, collected personality, can become, actually really hot! All he needs is the right man!
And although there’s a small issue with his memory, he’s quite sure that while being a human, he liked having sex! He likes being given all sorts of pleasures! There’s just one condition, like him, the man should be a mix!
The best would be that he’s a gentle lover, but also wild and uncontrolled. And that’s you!

Your mission! Activate him and prove yourself to him! Make him want to stay with you! Beware, he might not be present again! To help you in this, we added legendary gifts, with 4x times bigger rates!

Maybe, he can restore a bit of memory when his machine engines, are being rocked by your trained body!


Note: He won’t be animated in-game.

are you over 18?