Legendary Days

Hello, dear!

Prepare yourself, my dear hero, for the first legendary girl in Haremverse!



In the coming days, there will be the strangest vibe in the air…  It’s wet and clear at the same time, with that disturbing smell, a perfume coming from nowhere… It’s making you so dizzy! You are not acting like yourself anymore! Teased and confused you see a silhouette…  It’s the succubus angel itself, that will spin your head around!


She looks cute but, don’t get fooled! She likes it rough, musky and… she loves to share! Appearing in the Haremverse from an unknown place for the first time ever!!! But what is that!!!! Before you even know Dark Lord captures her and you are the only one who can save that horny angel!


You can only get her, from March 28th to the 31st, by fighting the villain! Free her, because she may never appear back! Wait! Wait! She is like nothing you saw before, with her 5 grades of affection, her powerful stats, and that smile, obsessing you so bad!!!


A little note from us: The current visual is designed for teasing purpose only! The art style won’t be used in any of her scenes.

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