Server-down Why?

Hello, dear all.

First, let us thank you for being here! 

Before few days, to be exact last Thursday 16th of November, we had a big problem with Harem Heroes, it was down for more than one day.
This are the facts, but there’s always more to them. Our whole team was stressed out, we did our best to find the problem and the fix for it. It wasn’t easy, seeing our players worried as much as we were, angry as much as we were…

The minute Harem Heroes was back again, we made sure that all players that purchased our feature – Monthly Card are fairly compensated. And although the fix was found and Harem Heroes was back again, we still wanted to make sure that you guys know what happened and that we give to you what you deserve for being so good to us.

Why did that happen?

It all started as a big unfortunate surprise. It was something never seen before. Soon, we get to realize that due to involuntarily outage from our part the communication between Nutaku services and our website hosting one couldn’t log in the game. Although, if one was already connected to the game, there was no problem.
Our team resolved the issue as soon as they got the specific certificate.
>Currently, we are working on ‘’making sure it won’t happen again.’’

Yet, we would like to express our thanks for your support and this is why we would like to share with you some sneak peak at features that we want to deliver to you…
First of all, coming in a near future, we want to create a Hero Page, a special place in which you would be able to see some details about your account and to personalize it. Share it with your friends and see the page of other players, discover more.
After that, a huge improvement of the Player versus Player. Rework of the current classes, and the ability to change them.
Also a new system of leaderboard next to our current one and that wouldn’t compete with the boss fights for your combativity points. All of this will, of course, comes with a continuous work on new events, new worlds and also improvements of our current features. Well, more about all this, in time! 
We would like to finish this letter, by saying thank you and also, letting you know that there is a special koban reward sent to your account!

P.S. All this will be sent to your emails, just to be sure you got it 

Have fun!

are you over 18?