The Guardian Angel: Dream or Reality?

The Guardian Angel: Dream or Reality?



Chapter I – The Haunted House


Trying to break the monotony, you recently moved to a new house in another city. You liked your new home but it turned out that a lot of strange things were happening there – the bed was shaking as if an earthquake was happening, lights turning off by themselves, loud moaning sounds coming from the desolate attic, red lipstick stains appearing on the glasses, lace panties thrown across the rooms… And you were strangely horny all the time!


One night as you laid in the bed, you suddenly felt somebody gently caressing your balls. At first you panicked but when you saw a divinely beautiful woman sitting next to you, there was no way not to get turned on immediately. Her body was freaking hot – sexy ass, round juicy tits, long white legs and what…what was…that? Wings? Yes, this gorgeous beauty had black wings, like the wings of a raven making her look even more dazzling and unbelievably gorgeous.


“I’m Celia, your guardian angel. I’ve been watching you over since the day you lost your virginity. All I want is to take good care of you!” she said with a gentle voice licking her upper lip.

“Are you sure you are talking to the right person?” you asked with eyes widened in disbelief. “Maybe you’ve come to the wrong house and you’re confusing me with my next-door neighbour. I’m pretty sure he has much more success with women than me.”

“Believe me, I know very well where I am and who you are. I can smell your thick sperm from kilometres. And you will very soon understand my mission and the power I have over you,” she said staring at your bulge.


Celia stuck her moist and long tongue out of her mouth and began to lick your cock like a sweet candy cane. Her tongue swirled all over the sensitive head while your shaft was growing bigger. Celia devoured every inch of it and stopped breathing while deepthroating. It looked like her skills were out of this world and she didn’t need oxygen at all. Her throat was so hospitable and sloppy that your big thick dick felt warmly welcomed. At the same time she kept making eye contact with you showing you how much she enjoyed the moment. You couldn’t even blink, totally stunned with pleasure, feeling entirely swollen and lost in her deep eyes. Celia started sucking very hard until your cock exploded like a rocket in her mouth and she swallowed it all with sheer pleasure. Her wings fluttered from excitement and her face shone with a glowing smile.


She licked the last drop off your member and said in a firm but excited tone:  “I was supporting you spiritually every time you had sex. I was there to make you feel more excited, to keep your cock hard and make your orgasms stronger. We were cumming together! Every time I saw that tasty seed, I couldn’t stop myself from cumming.”

“Are you kidding me?”

Celia frowned, “Of course not. If a guardian angel for you sounds too much, you can call me the guardian of your boner. Your erection is my mission and the object of my desire. For your blue-veined cock I would do anything.” 

“What? Are you real? Am I dreaming?”


“The life of mortals is a dream and few wake up. Believe me, now you’re more awake than ever. I need to go now! Sleep well, my love,” she waved at you and disappeared just like a dream without a sound, without a trace…


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