The Haremverse Art Book Is Coming

Haremverse Heroes!

You are amazing! We are so grateful and humbled by your support and love! Thank you for lending us a helping hand in our common quest to make the world a kinkier and more beautiful place.

When we said we were making Haremverse history with the art book, we didn’t know that we will get the funds for the digital book for less than 16 hours. We have only one thing to say: Wow! This means we’ve officially accomplished our first goal, together. We have started working on the art book and we are determined to bring the gorgeous girls of the Haremverse to your home. 

But we still need your help to publish and ship the mind-blowing art book featuring ravishing beauties, sketches, and dirty little details from your favorite hentai game! 

We’ve been dreaming and discussing the art book of the Haremverse so quite some time. Five years ago Hentai Heroes was a PowerPoint presentation. Today there are 14 arousing worlds on the map, over 700 gorgeous girls, and more adventure than you can handle. And now we will be creating an art book with more than 50 of your favorite girls, reveal exclusive kinky stories, history, and lore of the Haremverse.

We want to craft a superb A4-page art book with more than 150 pages, high-quality printing, and a beautiful hardcover. The number of pages and quality will depend on the budget we have, so the end product still depends on you, hero

We are offering amazing in-game rewards for our most generous backers and supporters, including Kobans, special bundles, and girls! Check out the Kickstarter page and pick the pledge that you like best! 

We are seriously considering adding more rewards like stickers, prints, and other surprises. Why don’t you head to the Comments section of our Kickstarter page and let us know what you would like to get as a reward?

The official end of the campaign is May 8, 11:00 AM UTC +03:00. Let’s see how many wonderful things can we accomplish till then. Follow our Kickstarter page and HH social media channels for more updates

Hentairly yours,
The Kinkoid Team

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