The Succubus: Your Beautiful Nightmare

The Succubus: Your Beautiful Nightmare

Part II

A few nights later, you had trouble falling asleep. So you got out of your bed and
went out on the balcony to enjoy the fresh air and the silent summer night. Suddenly, the calming silence was broken by a howling gust of wind which swirled around you and made you shield your eyes until it stopped blowing. As you moved your hand, you saw the perfect figure of a woman hovering in the night sky. The figure flapped wings powerfully, began to fly towards you and landed on the balcony right in front of you. At that moment you discovered how gorgeous this strange woman was.

She was almost naked, looking at you with a seductive smile on her face and her emerald eyes sparkled with excitement when she said, “Perfect! It seems that this is the address Celia has given me! This girl…What an angel she is! She always knows where the handsome guys live and she is so willing to share them with me.”


“What are you?” you asked mesmerized by her incredible beauty. “And how do you know Celia, the stunning girl I met in my wettest dream? Are you reading my mind or what?”


“Watch your manners, handsome! Asking ‘what are you’ is not a nice way to start a conversation with a lady!” the beauty replied in a sharp tone. She stepped a bit closer to you and said smiling, “My name is Gladys and I am a succubus. I have known Celia for thousands of years. She’s my best friend, the most helpful girl I’ve ever known and the one I can rely on when it comes to finding hot and juicy men. Oh, her taste is impeccable and you’re so…sexy and cute,dear, that I… would taste every inch of you.”


Gazing at her perky tits while she was speaking, you couldn’t help but become aroused. The bulge in your pants was visibly growing and Gladys’s nipples were obviously getting hard.

“So…you want to have sex with me?”  you asked her straight away to make sure that you have a good understanding of this weird situation. After all, a hot succubus does not come every day  for you telling you that you’re sexy while you cannot take your eyes off her growing exposed nipples.


“Yes, darling,” she said without hesitation flipping her red-orange hair. “Why do you think I flew thousands of miles for you?”


“Oh, I just can’t believe that you’re real, that Celia is real. I don’t know if I’m awake or asleep, if I am sleepwalking or maybe sleepfucking…”


“I‘m not joking. I’m a real succubus, sweetheart, and you are – a male homosapiens which means that…I can drain all your vital energy by making you cum.”


“My vital energy? So if I bang you, you will literally take my breath away and I will…kick the bucket?”


“It’s possible,” she replied, touching her bulging boobs and biting her scarlet lip. “But don’t worry, unlike most male homosapiens, you’ve got a guardian angel who is gonna protect your blue-veined cock and your mortal life. You know, Celia is always watching you over when you get a boner.”


“Please Celia, light of my life, fire of my loins, don’t let this be my last erection! Don’t let me die now, I’m begging you! I don’t want to depart this life now and at the same time I’m dying to fuck this stunning woman!” you thought to yourself.


“Bang her long enough to make her orgasm. You must have non-sexual thoughts all the time. And remember, make her climax before you do!!” you heard Celia’s voice in your head.


“Give it to me, handsome,” Gladys whispered into your ear as her hand guided your erected cock to her tight fatal tunnel. Her luscious pussy lips captured your big member tightly. She lowered herself onto you moaning with pleasure. Once your long cock was all the way down in her pussy, Gladys began bouncing up and down on it.


“I need to start thinking about something that could prevent me from cumming to death!” you yelled in your mind. You closed your eyes and started thinking of the semifinals of the U.S. open, the last can of beer in your fridge, the amount of money in your bank account, what is the square root of 678, why people snore, the meaning of life…As you opened your eyes, you saw a tattoo on her belly which was invisible to you before. It said “Memento mori”. Oh, yeah, how could you forget that you’re mortal at such a moment? 


Then you grabbed her waist and moved Gladys beneath you. She moaned loudly as you thrust your stiff cock hard and fast in her luscious pussy. At that moment Gladys was unable to resist the way you handled her, helpless and gasping for breath. Her boobs jiggled with every thrust аnd her moans turned to screams. She lost control over her body which was sweaty and shaking as she climaxed for the first time in her life.


“I can’t believe I made it! I am alive and you are so wet!!! I made you orgasm before me!” you exclaimed with utter joy: “Thank you, Celia! I took the risk and now I feel more alive than ever!”


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