Corruption of Champions Review

Hey there naughty!


Perhaps the most distinctive thing about it that I’ve seen for my time in lewd games is how much it gets brought up by its competition and various people. The mere fact some developers explain things “Like … in corruption of Champions…” to pass certain ideas between each other for faster understanding means the game has had a far greater impact than just the sexy fantasy time it’s players have enjoyed.

(The game is shall we say ever so slightly less than art rich, so let’s use the opportunity to feature fan art as tribute – at least it’s filed under Corruption of Champions on Rule34…)

Let’s just say that not a lot of games get their “Unofficially Expanded Edition” made by inspired fans.

Of course, a heavy text-based game is really not everyone’s good idea of hot action. I wonder if it’s primarily older guys who have a spark for the text adventures, seeing as how we’re drowning in things fighting for our attention and people aren’t big fans of reading these days.

The game starts off as – ou the hero/champion of a village is sent to a kinky sex realm where you have to make your way through or with the forces of perversion, sex magic and about a ton of kinks.

It has next to nothing in visuals, and I would argue the interface is unnecessarily more crude than it has to be. Obviously that’s not where its strengths are. Nobody really has the balls or money to take the variety this game offers in text and bring it to the visual realm. S,o if you wanted to create some crazy hybrid horny sex beast and take it through an extensive fantasy adventure with lots fucking, you can’t really do it anywhere else. Not even with half as much the effectiveness you can do it in Corruption of Champions. (Other than your mind)

There is a variety of such games, many of them somehow inspired by Corruption of Champions. I personally haven’t needed my imagination assisted with text adventures, so I stick to the more visual ones.

Some people would praise the amount of body customization, but then that’s not really that big of a breakthrough if you add extra text in a document.

In this zone, every creature even the puny Imp wants to have a go at any and all of your holes. Should they feel you don’t have enough, the more capable creatures would also like to take the opportunity to put extra holes in you with some sharp objects.

Spoiler alert, the creatures of the wild sex realm aren’t big on your consent when they try to fuck you up.

Given that it’s mostly writing, it’s done very well. You can have hours and hours of sexy tales of going out in a blaze of glory with your trusted hard dick, even if you turn yourself into an elf-centaur-unicorn with a cat penis and feathers on your head. I mean where else can you be a fuckable honey bee?

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