Japan might drop the pixel dicks

Hey there naughty!


Some dude named Yamada Taro in Japanese politics has reported that he will try to get rid of the remaining ridiculous censorship in pornographic material.

There is hardly anybody on the planet, thinking that two people fucking while pixelated are actually exchanging apple pie recipes as their genitals and nipples are censored. But then the classic form of ancient censorship persists and can’t be removed without getting into legal problems.

OG Taro there says that at least there is a reasonable argument to be made about real porn with consent – namely studio productions. The argument for removing censorship requirements is not a big deal it comes to portrayals of none existing characters such as hentai, manga or any work of fiction really.

While this is logically simple, and a lot of people will be happy about getting rid of the funny pixelation out of obvious sex, the problem is elsewhere.

Apparently the counterforce is some organization named PTA, which is a strong lobby group with a massive influence on Japanese media.

Opposition is made easy as they can pander that this censorship is what covers up loli and shota content, which you can see is quite convenient for a moral panic. This would naturally be brought into the mix even if such content is excluded so regular hentai and regular porn can lose the censorship.

To clarify the scope of difficulty, Taro compared the organization to the American NRA. Which we know is one of the most effective corporately funded political forces in that country. You can say they are the people that won’t ever allow guns to be removed from Walmart, while GTA 5 gets thrown because some lunatic went and shot people in public.

Others have argued they are still waiting with anticipation for Mortal Kombat fatalities to be performed in public, given how long the game has been out – but alas, a lack.

Taro said it’s not hard to predict the headlines and see how ANY parent will find it hard to support uncensored 6-year-old genitals even if it’s a fictional cartoon.

He is aware that he would be doxxed and dragged through all media, begging for political suicide portrayed as supporting “the perverts” who want “uncensored kiddy porn”. He also goes to explain that the problem is far less political and much more in the cultural norms of Japan.

All that is naturally a very heavy burden to face for removing the pixels out of dicks.

Being a country that is extremely sensitive to public image, the entire Toyota Verblitz rugby team was banned from the league after just one guy was caught smoking a joint.

Going through all the points you wonder why he is giving the enemy fair warning of what he is going to do.

We could ponder about the future, but then again – politicians give promises as easy as breathing so, until something actually starts moving, this is all just farts in the wind. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.


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