Dating Pavilion and Dating Tokens

This is no longer an active feature.

Dating Tokens have been disabled until further notice to restore the balance in the rarity of the recruits.



The second chance every Hero needs. 


Heroes far and wide know that it’s not always possible to impress the girls and guys you like right away. Sometimes, they’re just not impressed enough by you or need more time to decide to join your Harem. And that’s ok, the good things in the Haremverse are worth the wait. And waiting just makes them so much more special when you finally manage to recruit them.

On that note, a brand new hotspot has appeared in your Harem. Introducing the Dating Pavilion! 

The Dating Pavilion is a magical place like no other. It’s the place where all heroes will be able to receive their second chance with their desired recruits a little bit faster. 


The Dating Pavilion will show up for all girls and guys that have been somewhat impressed by you, but not enough to join your Harem yet. You will have the option to date them, which costs a certain amount of Dating Tokens (more on that later), and ultimately make them a part of your Harem. You must have at least 1 shard of a recruit to be able to date them. 


Dating Tokens

Dating Tokens are a new currency we’re introducing, which allows you to take your desired future recruits on a date to convince them to join your Harem. 


Where can I obtain Dating Tokens?

Dating Tokens will be obtainable from, Villain Battles, the Event Pachinko, and Epic Pachinko. They will also be obtainable through special conditions during some events. 

How much is a missing shard worth in Dating Tokens? 

So how many Dating Tokens do you need for the haremette you want? Well, the amount of tokens depends on the rarity of the girl/guy you are trying to add to your Harem. Here is the current balance:


Common Girls/Guys – 3 Dating Tokens per shard;

(Starting Girls/guys are treated as common);

Rare Girls/Guys – 6 Dating Tokens per shard;

Epic Girls/Guys – 9 Dating Tokens per shard;

Legendary Girls/Guys – 15 Dating Tokens per shard;

Mythic Girls/Guys – 60 Dating Tokens per shard;


Keep in mind that since this is a new event and a new currency, the amounts can be changed. 


Can I get just a few shards? 

No, it’s not possible to purchase Shards with Dating Tokens, unless you’re purchasing the exact amount of shards that you’re missing. You can’t make partial payments on Impression Shards. Recruits like to tease but won’t take kindly to you purchasing 3 shards at a time over the course of 2 months. 


Can I get recruits if I don’t have any shards for them? 

No. The Pavilion is available only if you have at least 1 shard of a recruit. You can’t invite recruits you’ve never met before to the pavilion. But even if you have 1 shard of a haremette, you’ll get the chance to win them for your harem! 


Can I  buy Dating Tokens? 

No. The only way to obtain the Dating Tokens is by playing. This new currency will not be included in bundles; it will be available only as an in-game reward.

In essence, we created the Dating Pavilion and Dating Tokens because we know how frustrating it can be to wait for the right time when a recruit you really want will be available again and we want to give you Heroes some control over the recruitment process of girls and guys for your harem. This feature will help you impress the recruits who are not yet convinced they should join your Harem.

At the end of the day, you gotta catch ‘em all and with this, we’re making catching ‘em all a bit more enjoyable than it already is! 

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