Kinkoid 6th Anniversary

Read the PS. at the end of the article for a very special & fun game/surprise!


Dearest #Kinksters, 


Our age is merely the number of years the world has been enjoying us! We’re celebrating Kinkoid and Hentai Heroes’ 6th Anniversary, the 5th Anniversary of Gay Harem, a year with our super-kid Comix Harem, and the baby steps of our wayward offspring Pornstar Harem. It’s amazing to know that the products we develop with so much love, blood, sweat, tears, and ritualistic sacrifices of virgins (not that many left now), are still enjoyed by so many of you. You make it all worth it! 

Sit back, grab a drink, some lube, and set aside a few minutes of your time for us, as we go through the last year and talk about the good, the constructive, and the epic: 

Over 1000 Girls for Hentai Heroes and over 1000 guys for Gay Harem 


Having over 1000 recruits in our staple games is not an easily achieved feat. If I was good at math, I’d probably list a few #impressive numbers on time spent drawing, looking for inspiration material, lines of text written, and other stunning numbers, but I’m very bad at math, so just imagine the numbers. They’re huge! We’re proud to have the trust of our playerbase, and the freedom to create such diversity of lust and pleasures, for your enjoyment and our own. Here’s to 1000 more! 


We’ve also had new amazing adult movie stars joining the Haremverse. Yes, even the gay version of it. Bringing together porn and hentai is an incredible opportunity and great fun for everyone involved. 


New Features and Systems


The one thing we don’t like is stagnation and passive-ness. It’s one of our most important missions to always keep things fresh, different, and exciting, but at the same time not bring so much change that our games become unrecognizable by our long-term players: 


  • Path of Valor
      • The Path of Valor (Path of Virile for Pornstar Harem) allows players to unlock more rewards and exclusive recruits by completing in-game goals for two periods of two weeks every month.
  • Waifu/Boyfriend
      • With so many sexy recruits in your Harem, it was almost necessary to have a way to admire your favorites every time you go to Town. Dressed, nude, sweaty, your Waifu or your Boyfriend will always be there waiting to greet you. 
  • Awakening
      • Why limit your recruits’ power by your own? Why not make them stronger than you, be a supportive Harem owner building the hottest army the Haremverse has ever known. Awakening was a huge part of our B.D.S.M. project and it allowed players to reach new and exciting heights in their PVE and PVP progress. 
  • Pantheon’s Stairway
      • We love the Champions and the long-term PVE goals they provide, but didn’t want them to feel like the only long-term part of our games. Pantheon’s Stairway and the future Stairways we will unlock allow players to compete against gradually tougher opponents for awesome rewards and resources, as well as incredible Celestial Recruits. 
  • Boss Bang 
      • A very tough opponent, your most powerful teams, and a show of might and strategy to win awesome 5 star recruits. Boss Bang brings all of that to the table. 
  • More Revival Events 
    • With so many recruits that come and go, we wanted to bring them back for the players who didn’t get them initially, or didn’t play our games when these events were active. Cumback Contest, Mythic Revival, and Path of Glory all serve that purpose. 

Improved Art for Comix Harem 


Comix Harem’s art style and direction was an exciting #journey. Through trial, error, feedback, and redesign, we believe we have found the golden path between the traditional comic art style and the sexy, lustful, boner-inspiring imagery. It was mainly thanks to your consistent feedback and patience that we were able to achieve this. 


And to make sure we are making the most of our interactions with you, the players, we created a separate discord server dedicated only to Comix Harem. We even had the first Q&A there! One of the many more to come! 

The Coming of Pornstar Harem


Pornstar Harem has been in our collective #hivemind for years, something we only dared to dream about, but one thing led to another and we ended up producing a project we’re very proud of. Everyone wishes to meet their favorite pornstar and do the wildest things imaginable with them, but looking at it through our Kinkoid-tinted glasses, it made a lot of sense to adapt this dream into a universe of sexy, positive, and funny encounters with pornstars from all over the world. 

Pornstar Harem is still in beta, and there is still a lot to flesh out, but we’re proud of the core and solid foundation we have and it’s only up from here! We hope it brings you just as much joy playing it, as it brings us making it. 


Our games are love letters to erotica, porn, and sexual freedom. Hentai Heroes brings all the otakus to the yard, Gay Harem provides a world without judgement, where gay lust is celebrated and cherished, Comix Harem is a playground for kinky geeks, and Pornstar Harem is funny, sexy, and sometimes busted. All our games are created with passion, love, positivity, and humor. We’re grateful for the opportunity to create without rules, to let our kinky and artistic sides show, and provide a place of escape and wanks to anyone who needs them. 


July is our Anniversary month. Expect awesome events, loads of free stuff, and celebrate us. We will be celebrating #YOU! 


Hentairly yours, 


The Kinkoid Team 


PS. We have hidden 5 promo codes in the text of this article, to celebrate our birthday month and our love for you! Here are some hints & rules: 

  • They all start with the same symbol and are quite generous
  • Don’t share anything about the codes on Discord, don’t ruin the fun for other players. (also you will be muted if you do) 
  • You can wish us a happy birthday on Discord if you want <3


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