World’s Sexiest Accents

It’s not what you say, but how you say it.


Sometimes the right accent is all it takes to turn an average looking person into an object of desire. Some accents work better on one sex than the other, and obviously there are personal tastes and geography to factor in, but on the whole, there are some basics most can agree on. 

Being the Kinksters we are, we put on our sexy traveler hats and did some digging, here are our results.   


Sexiest Accents on Men



Maybe it’s the elegant lip movements and exaggerated stresses, or maybe the strong and thrusting tones, but a man speaking Scottish could make me do all sorts of things. Think, James Bond level seduction combined with the power of Braveheart, and then tell me you could resist. If the accent’s too strong, you might not be able to understand a thing but, we’ve yet to see the problem with that. 



Evoking a culture based on knowledge, respect, and honour, Japanese is definitely an accent that gets our attention. It’s tones are gentle while also being firm, and gives the impression of a creative yet forceful lover. Wax in, wax out!

South African

This one may be a little surprising but it ranks well on most surveys. The accent is strong and wild while also playful and charming, with plenty of interesting slang and unique tones. It is definitely one of the most recognizable accents in the world and leaves most people imagining a wicked time.  



This has a lot of similarities with South African in the way that it plays with the English language. Either that or the country owes a debt of gratitude to Hugh Jackman and the Hemsworths. There’s a lot of mystery and good clean fun to the Aussie accent, and the accent reflects the rugged and masculin men from down under. It may not be the type of accent that’s best when whispered, but it draws in the crowds and turns up the heat. Can’t hurt that Australia feels like one of the most naturally dangerous places in the world, making for some hot and brave men.  



Italians get all the thrills and frills in the right place, with a very romantic and melodic flair. If French is the language of love, Italian is the language of passion, and that translates over in the accent too. Whether from movies or real life experience most of the world associates any of the Italian accents with a good time, and after we’ve watched the footie and had our wine and pizza, it’s time to get it on. It probably helps that the native language uses lots of hand gestures, and it’s just fine not understanding everything said.


Sexiest Accents on Women


Southern American 

While Colonel Sanders may be as charming as he is appetizing, it’s Southern Belles that really light the lustful spark. From Scarlet O’Hara past Jessica Simpson to anyone in the True Blood, an eloquent southern gal can make a man do some silly stuff.

New Zealand

This accent made it to the top of one of the biggest international travel surveys for sexiest accent and it’s no surprise why. Most words are pronounced with a smiling mouth, upbeat happy intonation. They use a ton of slang which is more charming than anything else, and is all in all a very cute and attractive way to speak.



Maybe you’ve fantasized about being lost in a meadow with a beautiful pixie who wraps you up in her auburn locks and makes passionate love to you while you read her poetry. Maybe not, but the Irish accent has a history of allure and intrigue. It’s soft and musical, gentle and pure, and oh so very sexy. 


Cliché or not we cannot leave out the mademoiselle’s accent. Pursed lips and staccato breaks, French accent is undoubtedly high on the sexy talk charts. Whether you’re picturing a classical chambermaid, strict language teacher or freedom loving pop stars, the French spin on speaking will always get the juices pumping. 


Sexy Either Way


Spanish and South American

We could look into the differences between Spanish, Columbian, and Brazilian but those are merely details when considering Latin American accents in general. They all heat things up, by sounding slightly surprised, excited, passionate, and above all, fun. Perhaps even more than the accent itself, is the association with the tremendously hot women like Salma Hayek, Shakira, Penelope Cruz or Sophia Vergara, or (this list could literally take all day to complete).   


Picture Antonio Banderas or Enrique rolling their R’s or swinging their S’s right at you. They pause and build up their rhythm for extra passionate effect and can sex up even the most mundane of conversations. Throw in any kind of mustache or dance and you have the complete package.



The Queen’s English

Here, we ask for a moment to explain. Although it may seem stuffy and old fashioned at first, formal English is widely received as an accent that has its place in bedroom fantasies. Maybe it’s the associations with the strict teacher demanding more from their student, or the Master calling you in for tea, a posh accent can go a long way in setting up role play, or giving you instructions. 


Mouths are sexy, and when people use them differently to talk, it draws attention to them. Throw in the fact that we will always find the exotic attractive (for biological and social reasons among others) and accents rank high on the list of “I don’t know what it is about them, but I want more of it”. Just ask Joey Tribbiani how to seduce anyone with “Mama’s Chicken Salad!”  


For an alternative view, we must give credit to this Quora user who gave what is probably the most culturally sensitive answer to the question.


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