Game Features


In this case, it is most likely that you have won an avatar. Go to your profile page, click on the pencil in the bottom right and go to the avatar tab. You will see the recruit avatar there.

Every game guarantees an award, but it’s not always a recruit. The Pachinko game you played gives you a chance to win but does not guarantee a recruit. But the item will help you get ahead in the game and improve your Harem.

The drop rate of affection shards works randomly. This means that one time you can get a lot of shards at once while next time you might not get any.
The price for a guaranteed Event Recruit would be too high in Kobans to be attractive for players so we leave it to chance. Event Pachinko includes powerful Legendary items and gifts for your recruits which you can use to boost your ego and make your team more powerful!
If the button of the Mythic Pachinko is inactive, it means that you already have all the recruits from the pool in your Harem. Good job! Check for new recruits in 48 hours.
The difference in Affection shards is transformed into Affection items.

Pachinko Orbs

You already have the recruits from the current pool.
The goal of the Orbs feature is to provide a way for players to have access to Pachinko without the absolute need of using Kobans thus making the game more and more rewarding to all active players.
We are planning to use the other types in different features. It is a question of balance and general rewarding patterns.
We are discussing using them in Contests, Events and maybe even Pachinko (mind-blown). Pachinkoseption?
No, Orbs are strictly typified so no combinations are possible.
General visual logic is that the color of the Orb represents the Pachinko menu color: Epic = red, Mythic = orange, Event = purple, Great = green.
Higher leagues give better rewards. The Epic Orbs have a higher value since they give the possibility to access to better rewards in the corresponding Pachinko.
No, you can stash as many as you want, we are not limiting you.
The Pachinko Orb will not be used and will appear in gray color.

The winnable rewards can be gifts, books or boosters, accessible from the shops of the Market. The other rewards are accessible via the Hero Profile page.

Adventure and Villain battles

Stepping in the Haremverse can be a bit confusing at first. But this article will help you navigate through the fantastic world of horny gorgeous ladies and adventure. So let’s start from the beginning!

The more you perform against a Villain, the stronger he/she gets and wins levels. After a while, the Villain redoubles his/her efforts. His/her physical appearance evolves because he/she wants to show you who’s the boss. He/she then gets to a new Tier. When you reach the maximum level of a Tier, the following Tier is unlocked.

  • The new recruits from the Tier will replace the Alpha recruits in the Villain’s team
  • In Tier 2, all the Villains win 1 level every 10 wins
Once a Tier is unlocked, it will be the default one. By reaching a new Tier, you’ll draw new recruit’s attention to you. If you want to seduce recruits from a lower Tier, you have to select the desired Tier. You can switch Tier as you desire, without restriction. Enjoy!


Different backgrounds are different rewards, because they handle a different number of recruits: 1, 4 or 9. You can also win the Champion Theme.


No. You need to wait until that booster expires so you can apply another one.
The rarity of items sold in shops depends on your overall level. A newly created account will see mostly common (grey) and rare (green) items in the shop. A more experienced player (higher level) will see Epic and Legendary (gold & purple) items in the shops. Epic and Legendary tier items are more expensive but provide higher bonuses.
iOS/Safari users can sometimes be disconnected when opening the Market. This is an issue we’re currently unable to locate the source of and can’t reproduce on our end. We recommend using a different browser (Chrome/Firefox) to play the game.


The Seasons are like a month-long event where you get to perform against other players. You will be competing with the other heroes based on Mojo, not Level, or other characteristics.
If you win, you get recruit Experience, Affection, and Mojo. And after reaching a certain level of your Mojo, you win even more cool rewards that help you advance in the game and recruit hot horny Haremettes.
Each Season starts and ends on the 1st of each month, 13:00 UTC+ 1, our server time. Yes, that means some Seasons will be shorter than others. Blame it on the sun. At the end of each Season, the Mojo is reset and you will begin again once the month starts.
The Season Pass is a purchasable set of extra rewards for every rank you earn in the Season. You will receive 2 rewards instead of 1 for every Mojo Rank you earn. And you could receive 2 recruits intsead of 1 if you reach a high enough Rank.
A Season Pass is valid until the end of the respective Season. When the next Season starts, the Pass needs to be purchased again.
Most of the time, you lose a fight because the opponent has made more critical hits than you. You can look into upgrading your equipment, adding boosters and leveling up your team.


If this occurs, please do the following steps:
  1. Logout and login to your account.
  2. Check out all the different variations of a recruit and if they’re present in any of them
If the above do not help, please contact our support.


You can join a club by being invited into one or create your own.

Depending on the level of your club you will receive various bonuses like experience and bonus ¥men money

The perks are %Hardcore, %Know-how, %Charm, %Endurance, %Harmony, %Experience, %Money

If the member section is not upgraded the cap is 20 players, at max upgrade it can reach up to 40 people.

In the lobby of the club, next to your name you can click “Leave”.

Ask all the Club members to discuss and decide who would be the new leader. Then, the elected member needs to contact the support to request the promotion with a screenshot of the decision by the Club. Support will handle the promotion of the new leader.

After the Club leader is inactive for more than 2 months, ask all the Club members to discuss and decide who would be the new leader. Then, the elected member needs to contact the support to request the promotion with a screenshot of the decision by the Club. Support will handle the promotion of the new leader.


The event mission is automatically awarded the day after the event is over. If you’ve completed all Event missions, you will automatically see a pop-up window with your rewards.
Some contests allow players to accumulate a great amount of points if they’re set on winning that contest. This does not mean that the player is cheating. If you have genuine suspicion that a player may be cheating, we recommend reporting that player by using the in-game support system > Feedback.

You need to be active in the past 72 and claim all the rewards from previous Contests.

If you have unclaimed rewards older than 4 days and have claimed them at once today, the new contest will not appear now. You need to wait for the next update on the next day.


If you want to play Harem Heroes / Gay Harem on Nutaku using Safari, you have to go to your Settings > Safari and:

  1. Disable ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’

  2. Disable ‘Block All Cookies’


We are currently working to solve this issue.