Known and Fixed Issues – HH/GH

Hello guys,
We opened this topic to update all of you quickly and easily on issues which are impacting all of you, the players.
These issues have been reported via the ticketing system, the forum, Discord, and social media.
The “Known Issues” section is a list of all the issues which have been reported by players and the Tech team is currently working. Please refer to this section to get the latest updates on the situation.
The “Fixed Issues ” section is a list of all the issues which have been resolved.
We hope you’ll find this topic useful.
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Kinkoid team


Known Issues

  • Login issues
    • Due to the SSO login system, some players have difficulties accessing the games. The issues are mostly linked to cookies domains
      • The tech team is aware of the situation and is progressively fixing all the bugs for all the platforms and supports
      • In the meantime, you can try deleting the cookies and logging in again
      • Thank you for your patience
  • Harem
    • Some girls aren’t showed when they are filtered
  • Crosspromos
  • Payment by phone-not available in all countries
    • The payment method by phone doesn’t work anymore. Our teams are trying to fix the issue with the service provided
  • HH/GH Nutaku Not Working With Safari
    • If you want to play Harem Heroes / Gay Harem on Nutaku using Safari browser, you have to go to your Settings > Safari:
      1. Disable ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’
      2. Disable ‘Block All Cookies’




We are currently working to solve this issue as soon as possible


Week 36

  • Seasons x10 opponents aren’t sorted by mojo has been fixed
  • Koban spending notification does not work properly issue fixed
  • Fixed an issue where leveling a girl didn’t work on occasions
  • Issue where new players were not able to challenge villains, participate in PvP and progress in the Adventure has been fixed
Week 35
  • Zodiac filter not working for other languages has been fixed
  • Mythical pachinko timer not functioning for August Event Promo issue has been fixed
  • Issue where the page was breaking during level up on season fight
Week 30

  • Widget shards count for the mythic event has been fixed
  • Leagues using fight energy instead of challenge issue has been fixed (x15 issue)


Week 28
  • Girl –  In HH Girls marked available in mythic pachinko issue has been fixed
  • Issue where the timer for Harem collection on town page occasionally disappearing has been fixed

Week 27

  • On Mobile, fixed the dating token over the girls name and close icon
  •  ComiXHarem on NutakuL Fix unbuyable gifts  issue.
  • Fix FR text in Hero’s page

Week 26

  •  Disabled the contest donate button when the user doesn’t have enough money
  •  Leagues – separate test players
  •  Fix styles for crosspromo sizes on mobile
  • Double Kobans for a week from monthly card bug
Week 25:
  •  Fix name of GH link name on the home page inside
  • Change desktop menu to several columns like in mobile vers : Logout button is visible
Week 22:
Bug fixes

  • Bug where ingame music played while being set to OFF in settings has been fixed



Week 14:

  • Add missing opponents info in season arena
  • Rework redeem codes to properly log rewards.


Week 10:

  • Age Verification Under Mobile APKs
  • Champion healing timer check has been fixed



Fix visual text overlap in energy and combativity bars


Week 5:

  • Champions
    • Defense is 0 on a Champion battle and Narcissism had no effect: the bug has been fixed



Week 4:

  • Leagues
    • Players were able to use the button x15 even if they have less than 15 opponents is now fixed



Week 3:

  • Charm Class
    • If Narcissism was triggered at round 1 after the orgasm, the special ability worked normally. If Narcissism was triggered at 2 or 2 rounds after the orgasm, the first effect of Narcissism was normal, but the second was quadrupled
  • Places of Power
    • The rewards’ chest notification position and some other small issues related to PoP have been fixed
  • Performances
    • The attack of the beta girl has been fixed



Week 2:

  • Charm Class
    • Narcissism, the special Charm class ability bug that was making the class imbalanced has been fixed
  • Profile page
    • The avatars from the profile page have been updated



Week 51:

  • Events 
    • The time indicated by the widget event didn’t match the one inside the event window
  • Daily Missions
    • The timer rounding to complete the Daily Missions had an issue with the display of the minutes and seconds



Week 50:

  • Energy
    • The “Need Energy” notification has been fixed. Now the refill of Kobans price goes down with time



Week 48:

  • Forum
    • The forum has been updated
      • Now, no need to log in via the game anymore. You have to log in, then ask to reset your password. Then, you will have access to the forum again
  • Clubs
    • Inactive players have been reset. They shouldn’t be visible anymore
  • Places of Power on mobile
    • Players weren’t able to assign girls to mission
  • Test server
    • Players couldn’t buy a ticket with energy but receive points for the contest. The issue is now fixed


Week 46:

  • Seasons
    • The opponent selection by level & Mojo calculation has been updated so that players get to perform against more suitable opponents
    • The multi-session Mojo exploit has been fixed
    • The multi-session reward claim exploit has been fixed
    • On Erogames only: there was an issue to activate the pass. The bug is now fixed


Week 45

  • Monthly Cards
    • ​​​​​​​New solutions have been implemented so players can buy the Monthly Card they want. Our team is still working to solve all the bugs regarding the Monthly Cards purchases


Week 41

  • Champions
    • Narcissistic bliss and Ego Reassurance powers: the display of both abilities wasn’t clear enough. When the skill is triggered it lasts 2 rounds. We improved the display of both skills during a performance so that it’s not mistaken for a bug
    • An issue where spending kobans when the cooldown is over has been fixed
  • Places of Power
    • Affection shards won from PoP were not properly displayed in the Harem
  • Quest Items 
    • Issue, where quest items cost Ymen despite being won from a Villain battle, has been resolved


Week 37

  • Missions
    • The new Missions mentioned in Patch Notes 29 were not visible in the game. The issue has been solved on the 8th of September
    • When the players won rewards, the figure for the XP was negative (visual issue). The issue is now solved


Week 34

  • Contests and PoA Notification
    • The Notification has been improved: it’s faster and doesn’t appear before the end of the performance anymore
  • Contests
    • The objectives of the Contests didn’t appear in FR. The issue has been fixed
  • Legendary Contests
    • On the 20th of August, the new Legendary Contest didn’t appear. The issue has been solved
  • Tower of Fame
    • The ToF weekly reward have been given twice


Week 33

  • Notification
    • Fixed an issue where the sliding notification showed a wrong contest name
  • Clubs
    • Players that weren’t displayed in the Clubs are now visible.


Week 32

  • App on iPhone
    • Bug fixed for iPhone devices: display white bands no longer showing


Week 31

The teams are working on improving the already existing features


Week 30

  • Path of Attraction
    • The widget announcing the beginning of the event has been added
  • Mythic Pachinko + Arena
    • The issues regarding the Mythic Pachinko are now fixed. Also, players have received the missing Mythic Orbs they won from the Arena


Week 29

    • The website can now handle bigger number of visitors thanks to an update


Week 28

  • Bundle refill energy
    • During a performance against a Villain, a rounding error was modifying the exact amount of Kobans spent to refill the energy. Instead of spending 183 Kobans, the players spent 184 Kobans, and then 182 Kobans the next time. The issue has been solved this week and will be released in the games in Week 29


Week 27

  • Harem
    • Wrong Sifra images between first and second poses have been fixed
    • SP version: the horizontal scrollbar has been fixed
  • Quest
    • Winning a girl from a quest was not displayed properly. The visual issue has been fixed
    • The button allowing to hide and show the texts during quests has been improved


Week 26
  • Test server
    • Legendary Contests: a lot of bugs have been reported by players on Legendary Contests. These bugs have been fixed during the last two weeks
  • Harem
    • Micaela: the backgrounds and the avatar were missing: the issue has been solved on the 25th of June
    • Depraved Nika: her avatar wasn’t the good one: issue solved on the 25th of June
    • Zodiac: zodiac signs translations were missing: the issue has been fixed on the 22nd of June
  • Event
    • The date of the beginning of the event wasn’t visible on the 25th of June: the issue has been fixed in a few minutes


Week 25
  • Leagues
    • Tower of Fame: players didn’t have access to the Leagues and received the following message “You weren’t in the previous session.” The issue has been fixed on 18 June
    • Players were in D2 instead of D3. The problem has been solved this week
    • Players met other issues in the Leagues. Some issues have been solved in week 24, the rest have been solved in Week 25. As a compensation, all players received a redeem code to get Combativity, tickets for Sex Champions and Mythic Orbs
  • Pachinko
    • Depraved Nika appeared instead of Tainted Hari. The issue has been solved on 17 June
  • Harem
    • Nart and Mercy weren’t part of the Harem. The issue has been solved on 18 June


Week 24
  • Test quest
    • A test quest appeared at the end of the World 1. The issue has been solved on the 8th of June
  • Leagues
    • The fighting/refilled button was disappeared on the mobile version. The issue has been solved on the 10th of June
  • Hero page
    • For some players, the girls selection allowing to arrange a group picture were arrange on two rows instead of one. The issue has been solved on the 10th of June
  • Harem
    • Ria’s poses were reversed. The issue has been solved on the 12th of June


Week 23
  • Corrupted Girls event
    • Event widget: Depraved Nika picture was appearing instead of Tainted Hari picture. The issue has been fixed on the 1st of June
    • Daily Missions: on the 4th of June, the first mission “Cum Quick!” of the event reappeared at the same time than the daily mission “Look Into My “Eyes””. The issue has been solved the same day


Week 22
  • Harem
    • The girls from the Path of Attraction were not visible in the Harem if they were not won. The issue has been fixed on the 27th of May
  • Tower of Fame
    • The ranking restart on the 26th of May at midnight without giving the weekly rewards: the players received the rewards on the 26th of May, before noon


Week 21
  • Leagues ​​​
    • With the time change for updates in the game, the players may have had issues with Combativity reset. This issue has been solved on the 21st of May


Week 20

  • LuxuriousBody
    • LuxuriousBody’s stats: the issue has been solved and the girl was balanced on the 14th of May
  • First purchase gift
    • Some players were not able to claim the First Purchase Gift after purchasing some offers/bundles: the issue has been solved on the 13th of May
  • Harem – Pirate Naisha
    • Pirate Naisha didn’t appear in your Harem if you haven’t collected her 100 shards: the issue has been solved


Week 19
  • Pantheon of Love event
    • The statistics of the girls have been corrected according to their class on the 4th of May


Week 18
  • Pachinko
    • The disappearance of the Mythic Pachinko buttons and its Orbs: the issue has been solved on 30th of April
  • Nutaku
    • Harem Heroes is available since the 30th of April
  • Villain
    • Impossibility to go over the level 100 and to reach Edwarda’s Tier 2: the issue has been solved on 29th of April
  • Leagues
    • The Leagues are again available: the issue has been solved on 29th of April
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