Known and Fixed Issues – HH/GH

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This topic is dedicated to update you on issues that are affecting the players.
Some of the issues have been reported via our ticketing system, Forum, Discord, and social media.
The “Known Issues” section is a list of all the issues which have been reported by players and the Tech team is currently working.
Please refer to this section to get the latest updates on the situation.
The “Fixed Issues ” section is a list of all the issues which have been resolved.
We hope you’ll find this topic useful.
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Common & Known Issues:


  • Crosspromos
    • Some players can’t get the expected reward.
    • In such cases, we invite you to open a ticket to the Support team in order to unlock the reward


  • HH/GH Nutaku Not Working With Safari
    • If you want to play Harem Heroes / Gay Harem on Nutaku using Safari browser, you have to go to your Settings > Safari:
      1. Disable ‘Prevent Cross-Site Tracking’
      2. Disable ‘Block All Cookies’



Last update of the list: 03.12.2021



Week 48   01.12.2021


Functionality Issues:

  • On Nutaku the banner is hiding the top bar of the game.  
    • Status: Reported


  • Prices for Legendary books cost more than displayed
    • Status: Reported
    • Fix will soon be released


  • PvP
    • The x1  Perform button stays grayed out, once you refill using the 50 or 10 x Perform button.
    • Status: Reported
    • Under research

Visual bugs:


  • Visual issue where the grid with avatars moves to the left.
  • Status:Reported




Fixed Issues & Bugs

  • Seasons
    • Visual issue where Yemen being removed from the Seasons issue has been fixed.

      • Fixed Week #48


  • On GH some player were not able to see the free Awakening bundles
    • Fixed from #47


  • Market
    • Visual issue where items are wrongly displayed with a “x500″ the amount

  • Status: Fixed from week #47


  • Gay Harem
    Rewards from Maro villain, Ninja Sacred

    • Item drops are displayed as x15 times the amount
    • Wrongly displayed rewards from Maro (The incorrect amount of items are not added to the inventory)
    • The actual amount received is 1
      • Status: Fixed
      • Reported Week #47


  • Harem optimization issues
    • Girls appear twice in the harem section
      • Reported Week #47


  • Contest rewards
    Reward section displays the wrong amount of rewards – x25 

    • Reported on  Week #47
    • Status: Fixed



Week 47   24.11.2021

Functionality Issues:


  • Awakening
    • Awakening does not provide level up points in “Contests”
      • Status: Reported
      • Fix in progress 


Visual bugs:





Fixed Issues:

  • Login issues
    • Due to the SSO login system, some players have difficulties accessing the games. The issues are mostly linked to cookies domains
      • Status : Fixed


Previously Fixed Issues:
  • Seasons x10 opponents aren’t sorted by mojo has been fixed
  • Koban spending notification does not work properly issue fixed
  • Fixed an issue where leveling a girl didn’t work on occasions
  • Issue where new players were not able to challenge villains, participate in PvP and progress in the Adventure has been fixed
  • Zodiac filter not working for other languages has been fixed
  • Mythical pachinko timer not functioning for August Event Promo issue has been fixed
  • Issue where the page was breaking during level up on season fight
  • Widget shards count for the mythic event has been fixed
  • Leagues using fight energy instead of challenge issue has been fixed (x15 issue)



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