Activities page

What are Activities?

Activities is the place where you can earn ingame resources such as Affection items, Gear, Experience, Pachinko Orbs, Ymen, Kobans and even recruits! 


What are Daily Missions?

Each day you will be able to complete 12 daily missions. 5 to 6 common missions, 3 rare missions. To complete a daily mission and claim your reward, you have to click “Accept” and wait for the time displayed. Each mission may bring Experience, Money, Gems or Affection items and the rewards depend on the current level of your profile. Different mission rarity will bring a different award. 

  • Common missions provide Common or are Equipment and Gifts.
  • Rare missions may provide Common, Rare or Epic Equipment or Gift
  • Epic missions may offer Rare, Epic and on some occasions even Legendary Equipment and Gifts.

After the timer is up, you simply click “Claim reward” and get your prize!

If you are impatient, you can finish the mission for Kobans! 

Completing all daily missions will reward you with 150/25 Kobans. If there is an event ongoing, you must also complete the daily event missions to get the reward. Please note that only one dailly mission can be completed at a time.
If you wish to read small comic stories, we periodically update with the daily missions with new content.



What are Contests?

Contests are special missions that involve multiple players at the same time. The higher your position is when the timer runs out, the better rewards you’ll get.

Each contest rewards points by completing objectives.
There is a new contest every day. The unclaimed contests can pile up to 4-5.  If your old contests are not claimed, you will not get new ones.

  • A contest mission ends in 24 hours.
  • Money amount is based on your level


What are Legendary Contests?

Once a month, a special recruit will enter the Contests, starting a Legendary Contest!
The Legendary Contests are a new kind of event which lasts 4 days. Every 24 hours, a new Contest appears. During these contests, you will have to achieve goals related to PvP, XP, Pachinko, Donations, Villains, Energy…

For more information on the Legendary Contests, visit this article!



What are Places of Power?

Once unlocked, the Places of Power will be permanently available. Each Place of Power has its own name, level, description of the lore, and the requirements to achieve your mission.


More information on the Places of Power can be read in this article!


What are Daily Goals?

Our latest addition to the Activities section is Daily goals! They’ll allow you to win extra rewards for performing your usual regular in-game activities. Completing daily goals will reward you with Love potions!

Every day, you will be able to choose from 11 new Daily goals to complete.

  • The higher rarity of the goal, the higher the reward it will unlock once the goal is completed!
  • Complete the goals by doing activities such as Villain or Champion battles and Daily missions.

To find the Daily goals, you have to click on the “Activities” section in the Town homepage. When a goal is completed and a reward is available, a chest icon will be displayed on the Activities tab.

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