What are the clubs?
And why should you join one!

⭐ What are the clubs? ⭐

It’s a cozy place, where you can gather with fellow players and discuss anything you wish (strategy, boobies, booties, the weather…).

💪 How do I join one? 💪

You can join a club by searching for Name or ID.

Or create your very own club 

🧡 Why should you join a club? 🧡


Simple! Bonuses and Club Champions!


😍 What are Bonuses? 😍

Not only will you be able to enjoy the company of people who have similar interests as you, but you will receive all kinds of bonuses by joining a club.

By contributing ¥men in the club, you and your club members will receive various bonuses such as increased %  gain for ¥men, XP gain, stat increase, and maximum member cap.



🤩 What are Club Champions? 🤩


The Club Champions are some of the most powerful and dedicated lovers. Defeating them with your club mates will bring you many great rewards!

To learn more about Club Champions, check out this article!


⚡ Club Leader and Co-leader ⚡


Club Leaders can promote other members to the new role of “Co-Leader”. Co-leaders will be able to help manage the club.


💥 How to promote a player to “Co-leader”?💥


Co-leaders can be promoted or demoted from the 3 dots in the Club Members list.


🔥 More details? 🔥


There can be max. 4 co-leaders in a club.

Like the leaders, co-leaders can accept requests, kick, mute members, change the name and recruitment type, delete, pin, and unpin chat messages.

Co-leaders can directly leave the club, unlike the leader.


👑 Changing the Club Leader 👑


💜 If you no longer wish to be a club leader, please contact support with the ID of the user you have chosen to be the new leader and support will handle the promotion of the new leader.


💚 If the Club leader has been absent for over 3 months and you’d like a new leader, active club members can vote for a new club leader. Note: only when the current one has been absent for over 3 months. 


When contacting support with a request for a change you will need to provide a screenshot of the club chat as proof of vote.  

Afterward, our customer support team will handle your request and change the leadership to the nominated player.



😲 How to leave a club 😲


In the lobby of the club, next to your name, you can click on the three dots and then on “Leave”.


Note: If you leave a club, you must wait for 24 hours before joining a new one.


💖 Hero, you now know the true power of Clubs and all the reasons why you should join one!


👉 Go make a club or join one, defeat a Club champion, enjoy club bonuses, reap awesome rewards and hang out with more kinky like-minded players! 🍆💦


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