Mythic Equipment


You’re well endowed, but are you well equipped? 👄
Want to reach the top of the leaderboards in Leagues, Seasons, and the Pantheon? 🏆


💦 Want even the toughest recruits to join your Harem? 💦


Hero, the time has come: equip the ultimate Mythic Equipment and unleash your true power! 💥😈


🔥 What is Mythic Equipment? 🔥


Mythic equipment is a brand-new equipment rarity designed to help you be the strongest. Leave no opponent undefeated, no villain unscathed, and no recruit unrecruited. 😉

Unlike the other types of equipment, Mythic rarity equipment can be upgraded to reach new levels of power.

Win Mythic Equipment, level it up, resonate it with your hero bonuses, and become unstoppable! 


😍 When can I start using Mythic Equipment? 😍


To start using Mythic Equipment and winning them from the game, players must have reached level 200.


🍑 From where can I find and upgrade my Mythic Equipment pieces? 🍑


Find the Mythic Equipment pieces in your Equipment inventory. From the homepage,  go to Market > My Stats&Equipment > Equipment.



💘 How do Mythic Equipment stats function? 💘


All Mythic Equipment pieces start at Level 1 and have a maximum level of 20. The Equipment stats are not related to the Player level.

To upgrade them, use other equipment pieces and Money. Equipment cannot be upgraded if the player does not have enough items to reach the next equipment level (the level-up button will remain grayed out).



🌶️ What is Resonance? How does it work? 🌶️


Resonance is a bonus based on a “match” between the resonating bonus and the hero.

The mythic equipment will have two resonating bonuses that the player can try and match. You do not need to match them both to get a bonus.

The Class of the hero (1 of 3):

  • Hardcore
  • Charm
  • Know-how

The Theme of the team (1 of 9):

  • Dominatrix
  • Submissive
  • Voyeurs
  • Sensual
  • Eccentric
  • Exhibitionist
  • Physical
  • Playful
  • Balanced

Resonance bonuses are all summed up and then applied after/on top of all other bonuses.


⚡ How does the item level-up work? ⚡


To level up an item of Mythical Equipment, you must use other equipment pieces. The other equipment pieces are used as “material” – imagine material is like “experience” but for the equipment.

Depending on the rarity, each piece of equipment has a different “material” value:

  • Common: 1
  • Rare: 2
  • Epic: 3
  • Legendary: 4

Mythic equipment is worth different amounts of “material” depending on its’ level.

  • Level 1 to 3 is worth 8 material on consumption.
  • Level 4 is worth 9 on consumption.
  • Level 5 is worth 12 on consumption.
  • Level 6 is worth 16 on consumption.
  • Level 7 is worth 21 on consumption.
  • Level 8 is worth 26 on consumption.
  • Level 9 is worth 32 on consumption.
  • Level 10 is worth 39 on consumption.
  • Level 11 is worth 47 on consumption.
  • Level 12 is worth 56 on consumption.
  • Level 13 is worth 66 on consumption.
  • Level 14 is worth 77 on consumption.
  • Level 15 is worth 90 on consumption.
  • Level 16 is worth 105 on consumption.
  • Level 17 is worth 122 on consumption.
  • Level 18 is worth 141 on consumption.
  • Level 19 is worth 163 on consumption.
  • Level 20 is worth 187 on consumption.



The level requirements for Mythical Equipment are the following:

  • To reach level 2, you need 20 “material”, 1M money
  • To reach level 3, you need 23 “material”, 1M money
  • To reach level 4, you need 26 “material”, 1M money
  • To reach level 5, you need 30 “material”, 2M money
  • To reach level 6, you need 34 “material”, 2M money
  • To reach level 7, you need 39 “material”, 2M money
  • To reach level 8, you need 44 “material”, 2M money
  • To reach level 9, you need 50 “material”, 3M money
  • To reach level 10, you need 57 “material”, 3M money
  • To reach level 11, you need 65 “material”, 3M money
  • To reach level 12, you need 74 “material”, 3M money
  • To reach level 13, you need 84 “material”, 4M money
  • To reach level 14, you need 95 “material”, 4M money
  • To reach level 15, you need 108 “material”, 4M money
  • To reach level 16, you need 123 “material”, 4M money
  • To reach level 17, you need 140 “material”, 5M money
  • To reach level 18, you need 159 “material”, 5M money
  • To reach level 19, you need 180 “material”, 5M money
  • To reach level 20, you need 204 “material”, 5M money


🍒 How does the auto-select functionality work? 🍒 


When not using the auto-select functionality, you can individually select all the items you want to use as “material” until the required amount to level up has been reached.

But, when using the auto-select functionality, the equipment pieces will be selected in the following order:

  • from lowest to highest rarity
  • from lowest to the highest level

👉 Auto-fill selects the lowest currently loaded items. If you have more than 100 items, make sure to scroll to the end of the list so that all items are loaded and you have the best chance of making the best deal with the auto-fill option.

👉 To avoid players accidentally using Mythical Equipment, it can’t be auto-selected.

👉 Note that if there is extra material over the material requirement for leveling up, it will be lost.


💖 How can I get Mythic Equipment? 💖


Mythical Equipment will be available as a reward from several in-game events and features: 

Seasons, Path of Attraction, Path of Glory, Legendary Contests, Mythic Pachinko, Event Pachinko, and Seasonal events. And, possibly, more to come!


Mythic Pachinko 1-game:

  • Small chance as a possible reward drop.
  • The drop chance for a recruit remains the same and the drop chance for Books/Gifts is adjusted.


Seasons (starting in December): 

  • Included in the rewards on Tiers 39 and 63 as both free and pass rewards.
  • The reward on Tier 34 is now boosted with the tickets that were on tier 39.


Path of Attraction (starting in November):

  • MHE has been added as a reward to the new Tier 21.
  • PoA now has 26 tiers. The previous tiers 21-25 are now tiers 22-26.


Path of Glory:

  • Added to both the free and the pass rewards from Tier 31. The rewards from this tier are now added to Tier 39.
  • Added to Tier 62 of the pass rewards. The rewards from this tier are added to Tier 58 of the pass reards.


Legendary Contests (starting in December)

  • Added as the 4th reward to First place.


Seasonal Event (starting in December)

  • Added to Tiers 46 and 91. The rewards from these tiers are added to Tiers 34 and 73.


Event Pachinko

  • Added to drop for players above level 200 to drop instead of some Legendary equipment.
    • Players should get at least one reward that’s part of this selection: a girl, a legendary gift, or a Mythic equipment
    • The other rewards should be part of this selection: a legendary gift and/or a legendary equipment
      • 4 leg. equipment should not be rewarded in one single drop from event pachinko



😍 Now that we’ve told you everything there is to know about Mythical Equipment, go try it out, fight opponents with even more power, and show off to the Haremverse how well you’re equipped! 🍆💦

👉 And show off how strong and hard you are to your Harem!

📢 We look forward to hearing your feedback on our Discord and Forum! 💖

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