Daily Rewards

Daily Rewards

In the Haremverse, every day’s a celebration! We celebrate freedom, love, lust, and reap the rewards of life! Now you can also reap the wonderful Daily Rewards! 

The Daily Rewards is a new Feature coming to the Haremverse. Every day, an awesome reward will be available for every player to claim. 



Rewards will be unique to players depending on their progress. To get new players more motivated to bolster their Harems, players with less than 20 girls will receive special rewards to help them get up to speed. 

We want everyone to enjoy these free goodies and celebrate the Haremverse every single day! 




  • The Daily Rewards Feature unlocks when a Hero completes World 1 Begin City;
  • Rewards appear in batches of 28, meaning you will know what you get for every single day and will have visibility over it in the calendar; 
  • Rewards are unique to every Hero and reset once a Hero claims the final reward; 
  • Rewards change based on the progression of the Hero. New heroes will have naturally higher rewards to give them a much-needed boost and help them improve their Harems and catch up; 
  • All Heroes will receive useful rewards in the form of resources, books, items, orbs, and others; 
  • Missing a day will not reset the rewards. You will receive the next reward as you normally would; 
  • Missing a day will not give you 2 rewards. If you miss a reward, your reset will happen later than Heroes who claim their rewards daily. 


  • You can see all the Daily rewards by clicking on the + next to the Kobans and then clicking on the Calendar icon in the upper left corner.

Now let’s celebrate the Haremverse and its abundance and opulence!

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