Side Quests

Side Quests 

So many stories to tell.


The Haremverse is a rich world full of adventure, excitement and stories. We have been through so much together already, but there are so many more stories to tell! We’re very excited to announce a new feature coming to the game – Side Quests 

The anime and manga fans have dubbed these side stories as “Filler” for years, but they are so much more than that. We all love our adventures in the Haremverse, but we’re often left hungry for more. Side Quests are coming because of this – we have so many exciting stories to tell, so many sexy moments and thrilling rides that we want to bring to life, so many girls and guys we want to flesh out further and let them tell their own stories. 

Side quests will function very similarly to regular Adventure quests, but will not be tied to a specific World – they will be individual, each to their own, existing alongside the main quest to fill the gaps between the stories, or create exciting moments unrelated to the main adventure. Oh, and they will also bring cool rewards upon completion! 





Side quests will have specific rarities assigned to them, just like Daily Missions, equipment, and Harem recruits have their respective rarity. 


The rarity of the side quest will determine the rewards you receive upon completing it: 

  • Common Side Quests
    •  25 All Gems
  • Rare Side Quests
    •  40 All Gems
  • Epic Side Quests
    • 55 All Gems
  • Legendary Side Quests
    • 70 All Gems



Side quests will function the same way as the Main Adventure – they will require Energy to progress. Spending energy will award Hero experience points


Side quests will be visible both in the main menu of the game, as well as within the adventure map. 

Throughout our journey in the Haremverse, we’ve been through so much together. Brace yourselves, because there’s much more to come! 

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