Reworked PvP just hit the Test Server!

New Reworked PvP
A brand new look

Battles will be a bit simpler and a lot more fun


Now that the judges have retired, new laws have passed in the Haremverse. 

Solving a dispute in the Haremverse will now work a bit differently! 

You have a disagreement with someone? A villain has yet again captured a girl? Or simply want to challenge another Hero?


Here are the new set of rules that need to be followed! 


New battle system

Up to 7 of your favorite girls/guys are joining the roster!
Why limit yourself with 3, when you can have 7 beauties/hunks fighting beside you!


Please note that all of the following information may be a subject delay or last minute changes.
Here are some of the changes that we have planned:


Here is a sneak peak on how the new PvP will function. 


Battle team

In battles, all girls/guys will be viable and usable. 

The three classes (CH, KH and HC) will benefit from all girl/guy types, making them more agile. 

Charm, Know-How and Hardcore players don’t have to focus on their corresponding girl/guy class only, but will gain advantage from all classes.


In the future we would like to make each girl/guy feel special and more unique with a potential set of various skills.


This change will make battles more interesting, allowing players to choose from a bigger pool of recruits with more possibilities for diversity of girl/guy rarity and class. 

Meaning that with the new PvP rework we are aiming for players to stay competitive even if they don’t possess the latest legendary or mythic girl/guy.


How does this formation work you ask?

The battle will be calculated by all battle stats.
Starting from the Hero, Items, Girls, Clubs, and Boosters. The battles will be taking place in rounds.

How is the new battle structured?

How does the PvP work with 7 recruits?
We made it simpler.

  • Attacker is the player that initiates the battle.
  • Opponent is the defender
  • Each round is a sequence of following:
    • Attacker damage
    • Attacker critical hit check and impact
    • Defender damage
    • Defender critical hit check and impact.

What will stay the same:

  • Hero Stats, Girls Stats, Villain stat and Item their calculations will stay the same 



  • Judge (already removed), Orgasm bar
  • Recruits will no longer be coming into battle and changing the stats of the team
  • Class-related skills will be removed



  • Defense will be one unified defense stat. Previously it was divided into Defense HC, Defense CH and  Defense KH.



To check out the New PvP rework, please visit our Test Server!


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