Energy & Refilling & Storage

Energy & Refilling & Storage


How much energy does it take to run a hot and horny Harem?






In our games, players need energy to progress in Adventures and Side Quests, challenge the Pantheon’s Stairway, answer messages in the Harem messenger, Perform against other players in Leagues, and Seasons, and defeat Trolls!







⚡ Keep on reading to learn more about energy types, and how energy is stored and refilled! ⚡




Currently, there are 6 types of energies in our games:


Quest Energy (Adventure & Side Quest)




Combativity Energy (Trolls)


Challenge Energy (Leagues)


Kiss Energy (Seasons)



Worship Energy (Pantheon’s Stairway – not available in PsH)


Reply Energy (Harem Messenger – only available in HH)

You can check how much you have of each energy directly from your “Resource inventory”.



💥 Refilling energy 💥


Energies all naturally regenerate over time. But you can also win them from different features.


You can also use kobans/gold to purchase energy!


Wish you could choose how much energy you want and need instead of having to refill your entire energy bar? 

After filling your recruits, you decide how much of a refill you need!


🔥 How does it work? 🔥


By default, the manual refill will offer different amounts depending on the type of energy.

If players directly click on the + sign next to the energy to refill it, they will by default be offered the following amounts (no matter if they have a Monthly Card):

Quest: Refill to reach 100 energy

Combativity: Refill to reach 20 energy

Kiss: Refill to reach 10 energy

Challenge: Refill to reach 15 energy

Worship: Refill to reach 10 energy

Reply: Refill to reach 10 energy

If players already have more than/equal to this amount of energy, the automatic refill option will be set to 1 energy.

Players can then edit this amount by typing the amount or using the up and down arrows.


💥 Minimum & Maximum manual refill amounts 💥


The minimum that can be manually recharged is 1 energy (all energy types).

The maximum amount of energy players can have by refilling is:

Quest: Maximum energy from refilling is 1000

Combativity: Max energy from refilling is 200

Kiss: Max energy from refilling is 100

Challenge: Maximum energy from refilling is 60

Worship: Maximum energy from refilling is 100

Reply: Maximum energy from refilling is 50

In this example, the player has 4 energy and can purchase 996 energy to reach the maximum of 1000 energy.


⚡ Energy Max Storage ⚡ 


For each Monthly Card tier, players will now be able to automatically store more energy from the natural regeneration! This change won’t affect players without a Monthly Card.

Example: For Platinum Monthly Cardholders, the limit for Quest Energy is now set to 250. This means that the energy will keep refilling until it has reached 250.


The affected energies are: Quest Energy, Combativity, Kisses, Condoms, and Worship.


🔥 Heroes, Superheroes, and Stallions 🔥


Now that you know everything there is to know about Energy, we hope you’re feeling energized! 


Go show off your energy to your harem and #EnergizeMe


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