Recruit Equipment & Resonance


🔥 The what, the why, and the how 🔥


In the past couple of years, we’ve introduced parts of our BDSM plan for upgrading your gaming experience with Kinkoid games.


This includes (but is not limited to) Pantheon, refreshed and improved Leagues, Awakening, Path of Valor, Path of Glory, Boss Bang, Seasonal Events, Double Penetration, Mythic Revivals, and Hero Mythic Equipment.


Alongside you, your recruits want to keep showing you all their love, lust, and power! 👄


For them to help you reach new heights of power, unlock more exciting rewards, and keep welcoming gorgeous babes and hunks to your harem, we’re now introducing Recruit Equipment & Resonance!


Your recruits will now be even more powerful and have sexy equipment to match up to yours! 🌟

And if you’re looking for an added bonus to their equipment – welcome Resonance! 🥵



🍑 Equip & Unequip All 🍑


Equip All 

– This option will equip all of the best available equipment for the recruit (items not equipped on another recruit).

– The best item rarity will be chosen.

 👉 Example: If the best “head” equipment you currently have is a legendary level “head”, the legendary hat will be equipped.

– The most Resonance matches will be chosen.

– If the player has two or more items equally good, the item will be randomly selected from them.


Unequip All

– This option unequips all currently equipped items for the recruit

– These items can now be equipped on other recruits or be used as materials to level up.

No equipment selected (unequipped):

All Equipped:


Unequip All Recruits

As part of the improvements made following player community feedback, there is now a button to unequip the entire Harem.



This option will remove all equipment from recruits and cannot be undone. Players must approve the popup message to proceed.





👀 How can I view owned equipment? 👀 


Click on one of the equipment slots to access the “My Inventory” page.

Click on each slot to view the different items.

👉 Example: If you click on a “head” equipment slot, only “head” types of equipment will be displayed.

From this area, you can equip and unequip items individually. You can also level up items from here by equipping an item and clicking on “Level-Up”.


Note that the 6 slots are displayed in this order:

– Head (top left)

– Accessory (top right)

– Body (mid-left)

– Pants (mid-right)

– Item (bottom left)

– Boots (bottom right)


The items are ordered:

– From worst to best rarity (Common-Rare-Epic-Legendary-Mythic) and can be changed to order them from best to worst (Mythic-Legendary-Epic-Rare-Common).


– According to whether they are Resonated (ordered resonated to not resonated or the opposite).




Level-up Recruit Equipment


⏫💥 How to level up a Recruit Equipment? 💥⏫



The items are ordered from worst to best rarity (Common-Rare-Epic-Legendary-Mythic) and can be changed to order them from best to worst (Mythic-Legendary-Epic-Rare-Common).


Any type of recruit equipment can be used for leveling-up, except for items currently in use on recruits as they won’t be displayed. Items must be unequipped to be used as material for leveling up.


The “Auto select” option selects the needed items based on the material value needed starting from the worst rarity.


Once enough items are selected, the “Level-up” Buttons become available. ✅


Leveling-up costs Ymen/Money based on the value of the materials.


Leveling-up is done by using other equipment as “material”. You can imagine material to be like “experience” but for the equipment.


Based on the rarity and level, each piece of equipment has a different “material” (equipment XP) value:

– Common: 1

– Rare: 2

– Epic: 3

– Legendary: 4

– Mythic: 8


Levels can’t be skipped and must be leveled one by one.


Equipment is worth different amounts of “material” depending on its’ level.


Material given when consumed:



The level requirements for Recruit Equipment are the following:






But for even better equipment optimization and better stats, make use of Resonance! 💪





💞 What is Resonance? 💞

Each rarity and type of equipment has predefined stats, so unlike Hero Equipment – there are no stats variations.

Resonance are item bonuses that are given in case of a “match” between the resonating bonus and the recruit.

Each Equipment item has two bonus types: Flat & Resonance


Flat bonuses: Base stats Hardcore, Charm, Know-how are stats for the recruits, added to their existing Hardcore, Charm, Know-how.

– Head and Accessory always have Hardcore stat and Attack Power.

– Body and Pants always have Charm stat and Defense.

– Item and Boots always have Know-How stat and Ego.

Resonance bonuses: Attack, Ego, Defense, and Harmony (chance) stats are given to the Hero in the end calculation of stats when the recruits’ equipment that is in the current team gives those.



🍒 What types of equipment have what type of resonance bonuses? 🍒 


Common and Rare recruit equipment items have 0 resonance bonuses.


  • Epic has 1 resonance bonus
    • Class (1 of 3)
  • Legendary has 2 resonance bonuses
    • Class (1 of 3)
    • Element (1 of 8)
  • Mythic has 3 resonance bonuses
    • Class (1 of 3)
    • Element (1 of 8)
    • Fav. position (1 of 4) (only the positions of the class resonance)
  • Resonance bonuses
    • Class resonance to always be Ego bonus
    • Element resonance to always be Defense bonus
    • Pose resonance to always be Attack bonus


💫 Harem Resonance Filter 💫

In order to help the players navigate better and find which recruits need equipment, the following filter is added to the harem:


– All

– Equipped (recruits that have equipped items)

– Unequipped (recruits that don’t have equipped items)



Equipment Pachinko

It’s been a hot minute since we last introduced a new Pachinko! 🔥


Welcome our brand new addition – Equipment Pachinko: a new source of Hero and Recruit Equipment!


And of course, New Pachinko means new Orb type!


This Pachinko only uses one type of orb: “1-game Equipment orb

And if you’re out of orbs, you have one option: “single” 1-game

👉 1 reward for 1 game 👈

1 game costs: 15 Nubans / 90 Kobans



🎁 What are the possible rewards? 🎁


1 piece of either Epic/Legendary/Mythic Hero Equipment


1 piece of either Common/Rare/Epic/Legendary/Mythic Equipment


Note: Great Pachinko Hero Equipment rewards remain untouched.



💕 Where else can I get Equipment Pachinko Orbs? 💕


Because we want you to be able to power up your recruits with lots of awesome equipment, you’ll be able to win Equipment Pachinko Orbs from multiple places in the game!

  • Seasons (from June `23)
      • 2 tiers are modified so you’ll be able to win 8 free + 16 pass (every month)
        • Tier 21: Books moved to Tier 35 to free space for Equipment Pachinko Orbs
        • Tier 45: Epic-1-game orb is moved to Tier 53  to free space for Equipment Pachinko Orbs
  • PoG
      • 2 tiers are modified so you’ll be able to win 10 free + 20 pass (every 5 weeks)
        • Tier 22: energy and orbs moved to Tier 14 to free space for Equipment Pachinko Orbs
        • Tier 44: energy and combativity moved to Tier 42 to free space for  Equipment Pachinko Orbs
  • PoV
      • 2 tiers are modified so you’ll be able to win 6 free + 12 pass (every 2 weeks)
        • Tier 20: books and kisses added to Tier 14 to free space for Equipment Pachinko Orbs
        • Tier 40: Combativity added to Tier 36 to free space for Equipment Pachinko Orbs
  • Daily Goals
      • 1 per day – added to 4th chest
  • Monthly Cards
    • Added to all cards
    • Silver: 1 Equipment Pachinko Orb / day
    • Gold: 2 Equipment Pachinko Orbs / day
    • Platinum: 3 Equipment Pachinko Orbs / day
    • Diamond: 4 Equipment Pachinko Orbs / day


Orbs Objectives (Contests/PoV):

We’re also adding more objectives for you to use Equipment Pachinko and win more points in Contests and PoV!


Existing objective: “Use Pachinko Orbs”

  •  The new orbs should count here along with all other orbs


New objectives: Play Equipment Pachinko

  • Added to Contests
    • Contest Points, Legendary Contest Points, Cumback Contest Points = 1620 points
  • Pachinko PoV
    • Path Of Valor Points = 42 points



We look forward to all of your feedback, every bit matters and helps us continuously improve our gaming experience for you! 💜


📢 Please come share your feedback with us on our Discord! We’ll be l̶u̶r̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ paying close attention to your comments and reactions. They’ll be impacting the future development and improvement of our games! 👀









Recruit Equipment Improvements

Following feedback from the community after the release of the new Recruit Equipment, our Game Designers rolled up their sleeves (🥵!!) and got to implementing improvements to upgrade the recruit equipment feature and enhance your gameplay! 💪😉

🍑 Keep reading to learn more about the new changes and improvements you can expect to see with this update:


Equipment Pachinko/Night Club


  • Hero Equipment has been removed from the Equipment Pachinko/Night Club so it remains exclusive to recruit equipment.


  • The current x1 option now gives x2 recruit equipment (2 items instead of 1 and 1-game-orb becomes 2-games-orb)
    • 1st item will be either Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary recruit equipment
    • 2nd item will be Rare, Epic, Legendary, or Mythic recruit equipment



    • 1-game option using Ymen is added
      • Price: 75,000 Ymen per level
        • Lvl 100 => 7,500,000 Ymen
        • LvL 500 => 37,500,000 Ymen
        • LvL 1000 => 75,000,000 Ymen
    • One free game every day is added (like Great Pachinko/Night Club)
  • x10 games option for 75/450 Kobans that guarantees a Legendary Recruit Equipment has been added 
    • Objectives and Contests:
      • Use Pachinko Orbs” – the new orbs should count here along all other orbs
  • Added to Contests #14, #17
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x2 game) – 1620
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x1 game) – 1500
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x10 game) – 8100
  • Added to PoV #6 (Pachinko)
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x2 game) – 42
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x1 game) – 40
        • Play the Equip Pachinko (x10 game) – 210
  • Others = 1 point
  • Equipment Pachinko/Night Club is now displayed before the Great Pachinko/Night Club on the Pachinko/Night Club screen

Recruit Leveler page to include Equip/Unequip all + Favorite position

The favorite position of the recruit is displayed in the top left corner next to the class so the player can easily check their resonance bonuses.

Automatic options to Equip all/Unequip all have been added to the recruit leveler page.

Icon improvement

The Recruit Equipment icon has been updated to better fit with the styles of the games.

They now also display an icon in the top right corner of the item image to be more distinguishable as recruit equipment.


Check out the new improvements and share your feedback with us!



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