Most of you have noticed the disappearance of the Leagues Leaderboard. The Arena will also disappear from the Town map to make space for the exciting new feature: the Seasons. So what’s hot this Season and what rewards is it bringing?



🍑 Why are we removing features?


We keep asking you what you like in the Kinkoid games and it turns out that most of you were not excited by the Weekly Rewards from the Leaderboard and the Rankings didn’t help you a lot in the recruitment process.

Furthermore, the Leaderboard and the Weekly Rewards were implemented when we had fewer players and it was easy for everyone to catch up and get to the top. After four years of HH and three of GH, the gap between the veteran players and the new ones got too big.

The Arena will be replaced as well because the current play of performing against  3 players every 30 minutes is not exciting for most of you. The only reason why you keep going to the Arena is to get the awards, but we want to also give you a thrill.



😍 What is this new feature?

The Seasons are like a month-long event where you get to perform against other players. You will be competing with the other heroes based on Mojo, not Level, or other characteristics. 

If you win, you get Girl Experience, Affection, Gems, and Mojo. And after reaching a certain level of your Mojo, you win even more cool rewards that help you advance in the game and recruit hot horny Haremettes.


Each Season starts and ends on the 1st of each month, 13:00 UTC+ 1, our server time. Yes, that means some Seasons will be shorter than others. Blame it on the sun. 😉 At the end of each Season, the Mojo is reset and you will begin again once the month starts.

To perform against other players, you will need to use Kisses, the new feature resource. You receive one Kiss every hour, but of course, if you are not patient, you can get your Kisses refilled. 

The Seasons are a themed feature that will replace the Arena on the Town map.

Everyone who has passed the first battle with villain tutorial (W1 Q5 S14) will be able to participate in the Seasons. 


🏆 What do I get from it?

The cool rewards we keep mentioning are really wonderful and valuable. You can get almost any resource available in the game when you perform and so much more. From avatars to Energy, from Orbs to Legendary Gifts, the rewards are numerous and awesome.


But the most desired rewards are the two exclusive recruits that you will be able to get only in the Seasons. You can get both girls by completing the free path, but it will require accumulating a lot more Mojo. If you want to get them more easily, you can purchase the Season Pass which will unlock the second reward path. You’ll also unlock even more awesome rewards if you get the Season Pass!

Basically, you are getting more and bigger rewards for the same gameplay. 


😎 When and where do I brag about my achievements?


The Leagues Leaderboard is gone, but you still get to compare with other players and their Harems. In the Seasons, there will be a top 1000 Mojo ranking for the top players. We are limiting the number so that you can be proud of your achievements. But the place in the ranking is not connected to receiving any rewards, just bragging rights, and a sense of accomplishment. And this is priceless. 

💕 How do I get the most out of it?

The easiest way to win more wonderful rewards and get both of the exclusive recruits is to get the Season Pass. For only 4.99€/$, you will get a bonus reward for each Mojo threshold you reach. That will guarantee you get more rewards and two girls for one month.

Each new month will bring a new Season with glorious rewards and gorgeous recruits. 

“What’s hot this Season?” was a trick question, because we all know what’s hot. The Haremverse characters that are waiting to join your Harem. They are always hot. 🔥🔥🔥

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