Let’s get mythical, heroes. You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve heard the stories. You’ve met Legendary and Epic gorgeous recruits and they are now waiting for you in your Harems. Now it’s time to meet the most exclusive and special Haremverse folk: the MYTHIC recruits.

We keep asking you, our players, what you want to see more of  in our games. Most of you share the opinion that although the classic events are nice, after a couple of years they’ve become too predictable. At the same time, we’ve had so many Legendary days that the Legendary recruits don’t feel that special anymore. So what better way to spice things up than introducing a completely new type of sexy, horny recruit?    

Who are the Mythic Recruits?

The Mythic recruits are brand new to the Haremverse. You’ve never met them in your adventures or in any of the Pachinkos. And you never will. They are absolutely exclusive and obtainable only during the Mythic Days Event. 

These dazzling beauties are going to be playing hard to get before they join your Harem. These recruits are available only in a limited amount for a limited time.

You will be able to win them by fighting a particular Villain. Of course, there will be other rewards that you will be getting besides the shards for the Mythic recruit, including shards of the other girl, droppable by the villain. You will also be getting Mythic Orbs.

The Mythic recruits will reveal their stunning bodies, favorite positions, and exciting stories in 7 poses. They will be a little bit more powerful than the Legendary recruits – about 10-12% stronger, we don’t want them to overpower totally the game- and have 6 grades. Did we mention also that they will be drop-dead gorgeous? 

And as you can guess, super-powerful recruits will require more resources from you, but they will also give you more in return. 

How can a recruit be available for a limited amount?

The Mythic Recruits are special: they have a different type of rarity, unseen in the Haremverse until now. 

Every different game platform (.com , Nutaku, Erogames, Thrixxx, etc) will have a limited amount of recruits distributed depending on the number of players. The Mythic recruits will be rarer than the Legendary recruits and thus, there will be fewer of them.

Instead of having a particular number of recruits available for a game, there will be a particular number of Shards of that Mythic recruit available for three days. 

At any point, you will be able to see on the event page how many shards there are for your game and when the next ones will be dropped. 

How much time do I have?

The Mythic days will be running for 72 hours during the classic events at the beginning of each month. The two events, Classic and Mythic will be happening at the same time. The Mythic Event will begin at 1 pm UTC+1  and will end 72 hours later. We’ve split the event into several brackets of 2 hours to give a chance to players worldwide, in all timezones, to participate in the event.

You will have only three days to get as many shards as possible for the Mythic recruits. 

There will be only one Mythic event per month, with a Mythic Revival event coming at a later point.

At any point, you will be able to go to the event page and see how much time you have left.


Wait, what? How is the event happening? 


The Mythic event will begin at 1 pm UTC+1 during the Classic event. There will be a certain amount of Shards per game platform. 


An EXAMPLE: Let’s say that for, there will be 30,000 Shards of a Mythic girl. When you go to the event page, you will see that there are 5,000 Shards now and that in 2 hours, there will be another 5,000. And this will happen until the event ends at 1 pm UTC+1, three days after the event has begun, aka after 72 hours. 



If the current amount of Shards is not depleted for these 2 hours, the next 5,000 will be automatically added. No Shards will be lost. So if there are 2,000 at 5 am, after the next distribution at 7am there will be 7,000 Shards available. If at 5 am there are 0 Shards, you will have to wait until 7am to get some of those freshly available.





Note: the number of Shards is random in this example. It’s just to illustrate the mechanism of the event.

Will the Mythic Recruits be available again? What are your plans for the future?

Each Mythic Recruit will have their own dedicated Mythic Revival event, with the same functionality and conditions as their initial Mythic Event, but with less shards per 2 hours.

We plan to release 1 new Mythic recruit per month, and we’ll try to balance releases between classes so you get a chance to have a full Мythic team of your choice in 6 to 9 months. 

To balance the Mythic recruits out, we are also working on the exact opposite: more one-star beautiful and horny recruits who will be super easy to collect. They’ll be extra easy to collect and should help beginners to make a bigger Harem faster.


So what do you say, players? Are you ready to invite the most powerful hotties in the Haremverse in your Harem and make it Mythic, heroes? This is the stuff myths and wet dreams are made of. 


are you over 18?