There are some things money can’t buy, but for everything else… no, not anymore. Life takes… oops, that has been suspended as well. There has been an ongoing war on adult entertainment and it got personal.


The adult industry has been shaken a few weeks ago by the sensationalistic opinion piece by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times, in which he harshly criticizes Pornhub and calls for industry-wide censorship and financial execution. Although we are not directly affected by it or the actions that followed, we can’t remain silent when individuals and corporations are pushing their moral agenda on us and our friends and partners. 


We, the Kinkoid team, have always been and remain passionate about gaming and the freedom it comes with it. The freedom to be whoever you want to be and realize your best self in a safe environment without judgment or kink-shaming. We want to voice our opinion on the matter and express our support for the adult industry. As an independent studio, we are not affiliated with MindGeek so the Visa/Mastercard ban on Pornhub does not concern us, but Nutaku is promoting hentai games and our games. They’re partners and friends and we are supporting them. Full disclosure: our voice is independent yet heavy with emotions and certainly a bit biased. 


We have always been and remain true to our mission: to provide positive and sexy entertainment. Our games have always been and remain free, translated into six languages because we want to bring joy to as many people as we possibly can. Making games that we are proud of and exciting players are just some of the things that can’t be bought with money, even if you have credit cards. We don’t condone violence, abuse, or shaming in the Haremverse and in the real world. We will not stay silent when big corporations are bullying our friends. 


We will stand next to Nutaku and support them because we are all here with one goal: to bring pleasure. Keeping engaged, excited, and entertained millions of people: that’s priceless. Together we will resist this “righteous” crusade against the whole adult industry. 


The NY Times op-ed pushed Pornhub to quickly move and implement the most “far-reaching safeguards in user-generated platform history”. The platform updated its moderation policy and confirmed the suspension of all uploads from unverified accounts. Pornhub also promised to purge all unverified videos from the platform, thus mitigating the negative impact while still providing a safe environment for professionals in the adult industry. But Mastercard and Visa had already decided to drop the guillotine and use the hype around Pornhub for cheap PR and pretend to care how people spend their money.


With one article, serving an ultimately puritanical group’s agenda, Kristof stifled the voices of the people legally and rightfully employed in the adult industry. He threatened the livelihoods of various workers. It’s difficult to know what the damage will be as we are just witnessing the first ripples. The social stigma on the adult industry is so powerful that it makes it easy for people to remain quiet when something like this happens. But we shouldn’t. 


How can you show your support? Educate yourself and your friends, partners, and parents. Check out this comprehensive response to the NY Times article, questioning the journalistic neutrality of Nicholas Kristof, his research, and the negative effect all of this will have on the adult Industry.


“To confuse consensual sex or porn with rape and trafficking does no service to society. Consenting sex work has nothing more to do with rape than a karate match has to do with a street mugging. (…) As a society, we must continue to support Mr. Kristof’s work in so far as it illuminates the enormity of sexual violence around the world. But we must also confront him when he blurs sexual violence with consent and helping women with harming them. We must also illuminate the manipulative agenda that has found its way into journalism as our society wrestles with competing forces of religious conservatism, sexual freedom, and sex worker rights. “


We remain here for you, bringing you sexy and positive entertainment. 

The Kinkoid Team

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