3rd Kinkversary HH

Dearest heroes


It’s the most special time of the year for Kinkoid, because It’s our 3rd birthday! We’re all very excited and hopeful for the future of our games and our future as a company. To celebrate this achievement, we’re throwing the biggest party the Haremverse has ever seen. But before we dive into the details, Bunny was feeling extra festive and nostalgic and has written a little something for you. Don’t mind the cum stains on the letter, they’re probably yours anyway: 


My special hero


Thinking back on the 3 years we’ve spent together makes me so wet, I wish you would come right away and fuck me on the desk in my office like it’s our first time. I still remember the day I saw you goofy face. Back then, I never imagined that exactly you and your fantastic cock would be the cause of endless orgasms, loud moans and tons and tons of juices. All the girls are grateful, happy and ever so hungry for your cock. Let’s celebrate and drink to another 3…fuck, maybe even 10 more years of heaven in the Haremverse. And after we’re all drunk and naked, let’s have the biggest, loudest, kinkiest orgy the Haremverse has ever seen! Because that’s what the Haremverse is about! 




Our Kinkversary will happen on the 20th of July and will end on the 25th of July! We decided to respect Bunny’s wishes and we’re throwing the biggest Haremverse orgy to date. We’ve invited the hottest girls from our best events, lots of fan favorites, all oiled up, horny and ready for the big event. You’ll be able to find them in Epic and Event Pachinko, fight villains to save your princesses and a very very special girl who, hidden herself in the Arena. Here’s what awaits you: 


26 Girls are entering the Epic Pachinko for the duration of the event. Maniac Justine, Desdemona, Keeka, the gorgeous Petal, the lustful Alana, Bitch, Malina, Present Laverne, Chocolate Maker Abraël, Waitress Eugenie, the infamous Val Mala, Val Shao, Val Notka, Lil’ Red, Mordana, X-mas Lenaëlle, for some extra juicy Christmas cheer we have X-mas Lupa and X-mas Rabbi, the stunning Lilith, Hornita, the angel from above – Levitya, Nuladva, the hero this Haremverse needs – Captain Haremverse, Iron Viola, Hildr, and the lovable Valentine Jennie. Are you hard yet? There’s more! 


27 lustful ladies will be showcased in Event Pachinko. The naughty Chamelea, Ridley, Delicia, Cori, Anita, Wang, Clarysse, Alex, Carine, Brittany, all your heart may desire – Val Kalissa and Val Mavin, Kameyala, Sherly, Tentacled Treasure, the candy in the stocking – X-mas Hari, the one to rule them all – X-mas Bunny’s Mother, Maleva, Deniz, Lives, the double gobble for the trouble in your trousers – Fanny & Fione, the modern day working girl – Sponsor Sara Jay, the ones who will always love you – Loving Lupa and Loving Arcana, Murakawa, Commander Cattleman and the gentle afternoon breeze – Spring Lola. Precum making a stain? Wait a while more.


11 Damsels in distress, one captured by each Villain


  1. Dark Lord: Crystal
  2. Ninja Spy: Carlita
  3. Gruntt: Marie
  4. Edwarda: Val Mani
  5. Donatien: Pheralia
  6. Sylvanus: Santa Claudia 2
  7. Bremen: Neidre
  8. Finalmecia: Becka
  9. Roko Senseï: Detective Spook
  10. Karole: Tanned Housemaid
  11. Jackson: Nemah 


1 very special Girl has hidden herself very neatly in the Arena, observing all the battles and pleasing herself. This year, we’re doing something extra special and we’ve added the legendary Norou to the Arena for the duration of the event. Arena battles will have a chance to grant you her shards. Are you ready for a rumble? Have you been edging yourself while reading? Good! 


In case all that booty isn’t enough to tickle your appetite, we have some sexy sexy missons which will award you legendary equipment, and lots of avatars for your profile so you can put your favorite girl on display! We’re also going to gift you some free avatars on Monday 22nd! A maximum of 3 free avatars, depending on how long you’ve been with us! Don’t cum just yet. We’re not done! 


If you thought we’re going to put you in all this adventure without backup, you’re wrong! To jumpstart the massive orgy that’s about to happen, we’ve prepared a special bundle for you. The Kinkversary Bundle contains: 3,000,000 ¥men, 333 Energy, 333 Combativity and 33 Champion Tickets for only 19.99€! That’s a steal! If you can’t handle the raging hard on, you can release the tension now! Or, if you like a challenge, keep it until the event starts, so you can cover the Haremverse in your magic juice and make all the ladies happy! 


To close off, we’d like to share something personal. 

Did we know that we’d be here for three years, back then when we decided to start this naughty adventure? No. 

Did we know that we’d have the best community and have the awesome support we’re receiving? No.

Seeing how many people enjoy our stories, share our passion and appreciate our effort makes us extremely happy! And we are so very honored to say “THANK YOU!” These three amazing years couldn’t have happened without you.

See you in the Haremverse, friends! 


Hentairly yours,


The Kinkoid Team 

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