Champions – Meet the rest of the Guys

The remaining Champions are almost here and we wanted to show you their most sought after trophies – the Guys!


After falling in love with one of his professors who became a Shokushu master, he almost yielded to darkness. Thanks to another instructor who saved him from this dangerous path, he was sent to a reform school to be re-educated. You’d better have what it takes to make a move on him.




Former sex spy in the Ninja Village, this daddy now enjoys a well-deserved retirement, resting and meeting old friends in his sex novels reading group – which is really just a bad excuse to organize private orgies.



This former slave from Edward’s crew broke his own chains and ran away from the ship before you arrived to help Alfredo and Julio. In order to escape from Edward’s grasp, he played dead and found shelter on an unregistered island where the locals praised him like a guru.


Collecting these handsome men will prove to be a challenge, but they’re 100% worth it. 

Happy humping!

Hentairly yours,

The Gay Harem Team

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