Starter Offer Release


SOS, Heroes! A dark curse is upon the Haremverse! 

Bring back the light, get the 88% OFF Starter Offer!


The Mist doomed the Haremverse girls to stop feeling any sexual pleasure. And now they are in dire need of your special powers and your big healing…tools! 

That’s right! Their happiness is in your hands and every click matters!

So, it’s time to use your potent Mojo, hit the right spots, give explosive orgasms and…enjoy how the girls melt around your generous members!!!


Indeed, breaking a curse is a noble deed for noble generous dicks! And it could be rather challenging. That’s why you might need to take some further actions. No, we are not talking about the usual useless methods like spinning around three times and repeating “As I turn, the curse is no longer a concern”.

It’s about using a really powerful resource – The Starter Offer!!!


Now, you can get 45,000 Kobans for 4.99€/ $4.99/ 499 Nutaku Gold/ 500 Nijiyome Coins 88% OFF of its normal price: 40€ / $40 / 4000 Nutaku Gold / 4000 Nijiyome Coins! 

You just need to reach Stage 791 and you will be able to receive the non-expiring Starter Offer. Once unlocked, it will pop up with the button text “Buy Now!”


Attention! This is a special One-Time Offer and it can be purchased only once!


So what are you waiting for? You already know a powerful way to break the curse! 


Go, the hot Haremverse girls need you! Make their frustrated kitties cream hard!

are you over 18?