A Legendary Recruiter!

Greetings, dear heroes!


 A Legendary sexual beast is coming back to the Haremverse! And this time she is more savage and more glamorous than ever!


Silver Lupa, aka Lupa Longteeth, is hunting for the strongest sexual heroes.

Once she ensnares her prey, Lupa makes the victim scream…of pleasure and lust.  And this intense experience lasts more than usual! The sexy creature of the night is going to satisfy her primal urge in 5 quest grades with You, the hard Haremverse heroes!


But Lupa is not just a werewolf, she’s a glamour girl! This sexual beast glows like a precious jewel, and she wouldn’t accept someone to outshine her!!! Especially when she meets her old rival…Then she is up for any sexual challenge and shows her insatiable competitive spirit!


So, are you ready to handle two gorgeous were-girls competing for You?


If so, first, prepare yourself to combat Silvanus! The sinister villain has already kidnapped Lupa and abandoned her in the dense Magic Forest. From the 20th till the 24th of September, this gorgeous girl will expect you to find her and save her from the terrifying loneliness! 



Time to become Legendary heroes?! Go! The hardcore beast will reward you!

are you over 18?