A lof of affection will come !

Hello everyone !


It has been now a few weeks since we released the new version of the game and we are reading a lot of your feedback and discussions about it. We even had a player coming to an event in Amsterdam to greet us and brought some insights.


Before anything, we wanted to thank you all for the interests you have in our game, it is really amazing for us to create a game with such a passionate playerbase. Regarding the main subject of these feedbacks, the affection, we are aware that the situation is not perfect and we are watching very carefully all the consequences of all the changes that we provided.


Yet, we would like to share with you the direction that we want to go to improve our current system.


We desire to improve the acquisition of the gifts to give to girls. We understand that with our new system, the acquisition of these items is a bit too sparse and we aim at improving this.

The first step will be to increase the quality of the items within the market. As your evolving within the game and as your harem grows bigger, the market will begin to propose you better affection items to follow your needs. The epic items will begin to appear next to common and rare items in the Market. And after a certain moment, the common affection items will just stop to appear within the shop whenever it is restocked.

To go next to that, the restock of the market will happen every 8 hours instead of the current 12. That way, we are giving another restock per day without forcing you to be constantly connected to avoid missing one. Also, the price of the restock of the market will go lower to follow the change in the restock’s timer.


Also, we desire to reward the player while playing the game, consequently, we decided to distribute more gifts in nearly all the different features of the game.

The daily mission will give you a few gifts from different quality each day. If you decide to go fight other players, you will be able to receive some gifts as rewards. Within the Great Pachinko, the chance of obtaining gifts will be doubled.

Also, as a follow-up of the equipment, we will soon introduce the Legendary gifts. Stronger items that fill your girls with love.


We do not desire to rush any changes to avoid any major updates regarding the balance of the game within months. This explains why we are not as swift as you are all hoping us to be, yet we can assure you that we are taking the subject very seriously and we will keep you updated with a date for all these changes within a close future.


Thank you again for being there and for being so patient !


Hentairly yours,


Your Kinkoid Team.

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