Game Design Talk : The Girls and their affection

Hello everyone !


A bit more than an year ago, we released Harem Heroes with the help of Nutaku. We believed in the game and we have done our best to make it cool from day one. Few months after release, we introduced to you the events, each month creating exclusive themes for you to enjoy. In April, we released the contests, inviting you to compete with each other and win awesome rewards.

When we started, we had 3 worlds and less than 20 girls, we worked hard and continuously to bring more and more fun, sexy art and cool parody of your favorite universes. We are now at the dawn of the release of world 9 and there is more than 75 girls to meet and love within the Haremverse. Next to that, we launched our official forums and even an alternate version of our game, Gay Harem. Now after traveling a long way we decided to bring some cool and exciting changes in the way the game works.


Without a doubt most important and exciting change is, of course, the girls having new grades. We know that our girls and their sexy temper are the driving force of the game, you like them and you want them. We desired to increase the investment you are putting in the girls and augment the value of your current harem. Two more affections grades would be really enjoyable for everyone while enforcing the attachement to your current girls. Since there is quite numerous of women available for your harem and that we desire to provide the highest quality regarding our artworks, we are beginning with 2 of the first girls within the game, Bunny and Juliet. More will come regularly as we aim that no girl is left behind in matter of affection. 😉

To keep the subject on the affection that you give to your girls, we also made some changes on how the harem’s upgrade work. At release, the affection costs all the same for every girls, whenever you acquire them and whatever how many girls are in your harem. It is creating a situation in which the first girls that you are owning are quite hard to satisfy while it becomes quickly totally trivial to ensure that a new comer to your harem is totally maxed out. We consider that it doesn’t honor girls within you harem and also diminish your own experience within the game. That is the reason why we decided to the affection requirement for each grade scaled to the amount of girls you already own. That way, the beginning of the game would feel more welcoming to the new players while offering a more valuable experience later.


We also want to introduce some changes within the way you can own the bigger harem in the universe. Actually, players are discovering quite late that battling with the troll is a nice and free way to convince girls to join your harem. To address that we made a cool display to let you know exactly what to expect out of fighting trolls. While doing this, we also modified the chance to obtain the girls to make more accessible without making it too easy, while avoiding situation in which players can play the game for more than a month without seeing any new girl.


We hope this is making more our objectives regarding the future content more clear and that you are as excited than us to discover more about these changes.


Hentairly yours,

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