Draft Pachinko

Hello dear players!


Probably you already know, but this Wednesday we will release a new /hot feature for the Epic Pachinko called “the Draft”!


How is this going to make my Harem better?

When playing the Epic Pachinko and choosing the Draft option, you will be presented with two girls. Event Girls will be included when available.  You will be able to choose one of the two hotties by clicking on the one you desire. You will be able to choose your own reward, isn’t that wonderful?

Wow! I am going to start collecting Kobans for this!

Yes, you might want to do that. The cost for this Draft is 6000 Kobans, which you might find a little expensive. But let’s do the math, shall we? The “10 games” option gives you a random girl for 5400 Kobans. So for just 600 Kobans, you get the chance to select your new gorgeous Harem girl. Not a bad deal, huh?  

Ok, but what happens if the server goes down just after I’ve paid?

Don’t worry! Your girls are in safe hands (although still not yours) 🙂 In case of any technical issues or a failing connection, the two Girls will be saved, so next time you go to the Pachinko menu, you will be able to resume where you left off.

To sum up: you will have two hot babes waiting for you to choose the lucky one who will join your Harem. Aren’t you excited? The girls definitely are.

are you over 18?