The Legendary Sara Jay is Back!

Greetings, dear heroes!


The insatiable porn legend Sara Jay  is coming back to the Haremverse because she can’t get enough of you!


The big-boobed superstar often travels to the kinky Haremverse world. This is the only place where her great sexual appetite can be satisfied, where she can meet so many adventurous heroes, always hard and ready to play dirty games!


Sara Jay’s business ambitions also have no limits! She is completely dedicated to the noble cause of providing sexual joy to the Haremverse. Her company “Harem Sextoys” is so successful that it satisfies the deepest desires and the wettest dreams of its clients. When it comes to hardcore sex, Sara Jay knows best!


Her next business project is to find her sexual champion who can hit records…Of course, a serious girlboss like Sara  is going to test the skills of the potential winner herself and in various disciplines…But the jealous Dark Lord already took her hostage. Now Sara needs a real hero to liberate her and bring her sexual freedom back. From the 20th till the 24th of April, you will be able to show to Sara the brave hero you are! 




are you over 18?