Sex Champions


They challenge you ! The Sex Champions want you to impress them, to show them how much tenderness and care you are providing to all the guys in your Harem.  Who are the Sex Champions? In the Haremverse some lovers embraced fully their sexuality and became Sex Champions. Their lives became a dedication to pleasure, orgasm and the Haremverse’s way. And now they  want to reward the best lovers. Yet, the most desired awards will be given only to the most worthy!


A challenge for the finest lovers…


After entering the Champion’s path from the Town, you will be able to perform in front of the Champions. The more advanced Sex Champions only accepting the challenge if you impressed the previous ones. Performing in front of these Sex Champions won’t be a casual sex in the park. It will be an endurance test and will require the participation of all the guys from your Harem. Preparation is key to prove your worth as the finest lover in the Haremverse. After selecting the Champion you want to impress, a team of 10 guys will be chosen randomly from your Harem and set in a particular order. To optimize your chance of success, you will need to rearrange the order of appearance of the guys or even redraft a new team. This can be made partially or completely, keeping up to 5 guys for each new draw.

When the time comes to challenge the Champion, you will need to pay the fee with a special ticket, Energy or Kobans. It will be possible to accumulate these tickets as a reward in multiple features, PvP, Pachinko, Villains battle, and some will even be provided every day for free.



To impress the Champions, the most important factors of the performance are your guys and their favorite positions. At the first encounter with the Champion, a rotation of 10 positions will be selected and will be kept throughout each of your encounters with this champion. These positions will change each round, providing a bonus by the guy selected for the round in question. After both performances, a new round begins with the next guy and the next position, getting back to the first guy and position if the performance lasts more than 10 rounds.

Remembering which and in what order are the positions used by a Champion and selecting the guys with the right positions will be the path to victory.



Yet the Champions will hardly be impressed in one go. If you fail to impress them, the impression you gave decreases slowly each day, the Champions forgetting about your performance. And when you finally impress them, don’t think that you are finished with them.  Each Champion will have 5 phases to impress, each more powerful than the previous one and with a new rotation of positions to discover.

Each time you fully impress one of the Champions, his initial form will be harder to impress giving a long term challenge if you desire to impress him multiple times.



… to receive the finest rewards


These Champions are as tough to impress as it sounds. Yet the rewards to impress them are worth the challenge ! If you impress their final forms, they will reward you with one of their unique and exclusive goodies : an outfit, a background or a scenery for the profile page. More importantly, you will get a chance to impress the amazing exclusive guy that the Champion has recruited in his Harem. Each of these unique bounties can only be rewarded once and will be assured for each successful encounter with the final form of the Champion.



Building up the admiration of the Champions will also provide rewards. Impressing successfully the first four phases of the Champion will reward you with Legendary items from the unique Champion’s set. This powerful equipment will certainly be of great help for becoming the greatest lover of all time !

And because the Champions are eager to promote positive sexuality and good lovers, even failing to impress them will reward you with a substantial amount of ¥mens, based on your performance in front of the Champion.


Please remember that this is a work in progress and, consequently, changes can still be done before the release.

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