A Legendary Duo

Greetings, heroes!


Get ready to satisfy two strong brave-hearted men, two Haremverse legends whose daring deeds speak louder than words!

Hideo, the handsome sorcerer, and the unforgettable hero Yugo are going to set your dicks on fire…Just let their flaming lips burn your tools with passion!


You will be struck by Hideo’s sexiness and astonished by his extraordinary magic powers! He is not your typical guy and his story demonstrates that: When ancient evil sorcerers attacked his city, Hideo had to use his sorcery to stop them all by locking them in magic scrolls, until he could find a way to defeat them once and for all. Unfortunately, for the spell to work, he had to trap himself in one too. Now he is waiting for a champion with semen strong enough to give him the energy to continue his duel with the forces of evil.

He needs You and your strong cum shots to combat the forces of evil in 5 quest grades!

Because only your hot white juice can overpower the destructive black magic. And for sure Hideo know(s)-how to turn you on with his big raging cock and his soft bubble butt.


And the brave Yugo is coming back to charm all of you who haven’t added the legendary hero to your Harems. He needs your mighty swords so bad…

Dark Lord has already captured Yugo to keep him away from you and your tempting cocks. And the hideous Grunt is holding the Hideo hostage! 

From the 20th (5 am UTC+1) to the 24th (5 am UTC+1), you will have four days to save these handsome gentlemen from the heartless villains.


Don’t forget that you are the chosen ones who can fight the forces of evil!

are you over 18?