Legendary Days 2+1

Legendary Cock Destroyers


Hey, daring heroes!


Make sure to have your strong, energetic cocks ready for not one, not two but THREE Legendary sex-crazed guys at once!!

From the 10th (1 pm UTC+2) until the 14th (1 pm UTC+2) of August 2020, you will have four days to set these three gentlemen free and save them from unbearable boredom!


The gorgeous and dominant twins Lyle & Guy and the indomitable and shameless Lawrence have one thing in common – they need a furious, hot, sweaty fuck, after which they will never be the same again! And we all believe that You can give it to them!


But don’t be startled of Lawrence’s fatal Charm, his huge cock won’t hurt you. On the contrary, it will make you cum hard in 5 quest grades

All the sexy mysteries will be revealed once you combat Ninja Spy and add the one and only Lawrence to your Harems!


And if you want to see how the good guys Lyle & Guy are gonna go bad flashing their Charms, you better get prepared to face the cunning Edernas! He already has an ambitious plan to prevent you from having a twinsome with them!



           Do it and become someone every guy admires! Become a Legend!


            Lyle & Guy                                    Lawrence

are you over 18?