Haremverse: News (Leagues)


We are sure you’re having a really hot summer with our girls!

Meanwhile, we’re doing some nasty things…

The Leagues, my master!!!
We’re going to introduce a League system in September!

Some details…
The PVP system will be available from lvl 20 and beyond, the moment a player is level 20 he will eventually be assigned to an entry league (lowest league) for the next season. The season itself will last 14 days and after it’s over a new season will directly begin. Important is to know that in the beginning of each season, each member within a league will be distributed in brackets including between 100 and 199 players. At the end of each season, the top 15 of each bracket with the most league points will be promoted to a higher league! The top 15 with the lowest league points will be demoted to a lower league… But each player that has a positive score at the end of each season will receive a reward based on the ranking inside the bracket. During a season, a player can only challenge the members of his brackets, to a maximum of 3 times! That’s good to know! But to challenge a player it will require challenge points! Those are charging at a rate of 60 minutes for 1.

We created this feature with a lot of love! It’s going to provide a lot of excitement as well as new activities and more rewards! We’re giving more and more to Haremverse and we’re not going to stop! Special thanks to our Patreons!!!
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We’re going to give you more information, and of course, tease you even more!

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Kinkoid team

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