Legendary girls are coming back!

Hello, you!

This week is special for us! Haremverse is having the finest sunbathing time! The girls are naked under the hot sun, but you’re there to take control and protect them from getting burnt with your special lotions! 😉
Have fun and enjoy these summer vibes with your girls up to the 15th of August, huh.. There’s so much time for your naughty ideas!!!

You may have noticed there are no Patch Notes today. That’s because we’re all preparing for what’s about to come after this juicy vacation!
Surprise!!! All the sudden three unique legendary creatures are joining back Haremverse! They do this thunderbolt come back, just because they loved your perverted mind and your skilled body! And this time they’re definitely decided! They all want to stay with you now!


It’s vacationing time, but hun, you need to prepare! From the 17th up to the 21st of August, the three Legendary girls are coming back, begging to come hard! 😉
Remember them? Here’s the first!

Do you want to know more about her? You can get it all, here. Oh, and more details about the event, you can find here.

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