Legendary revival! The twins!

Hello, you!

I know you couldn’t get enough of your vacation days, the drinks, the ocean, the parties…And you want more and more of these girls!
Oh! Look! But what is it with that light over there? Is it what I think it is? Oh! The legendary girls are coming back!

I presented Levitya and Norou to you, it’s time that I present the magnetic twins Fanny and Fiona, famous for their natural beauty, yet notorious for their sexual powers. They want to take the best care of you, and they are so attracted to you… It’s going to be fun!

These charming ladies are joining back Haremverse between the 17th and 21st of August! And for more excitement, legendary gifts will be added to the villains that will take the power over these legends!

It looks like, you’ve already charmed those two, though! Now, you need to use your imagination and conquer the wettest fantasies of Fanny and Fiona! They’re humble by nature, but you can unleash the real princess in them! Once you do that, your pleasure will be their pleasure, they will be your handmaids of sensuality serving even your most extraordinary desires. Don’t miss your chance to have a twinsome with them, to double your sexual pleasure, to double your orgasms! Turn them on and make them feel like princesses. That’s what they have always dreamed of.

So, hun, you already know what’s up! Be careful with these irresistible twins! They want to be a precious part of your Harem! It can make me and my sisters be jealous! 😉

are you over 18?