Legendary Revival! Presenting you…

Hello, you!

I heard you have only a few more days with these chocolate girls! They are all fascinated by your body, there are so many fluids in the air, it’s getting even hotter! You are known for your sexual wizard 😉

Did you charm Tachibana, already? She’s on the beach, getting her tan, meanwhile, she’s getting so wet… because of that horny pictures crossing her mind, you know she really needs to cum with the power of the ocean!
UhhH!!! And not to forget the mysterious Mocca! That girl is quite a surprise! She can triple your excitement in her own ways 😉 She definitely masters strange sexual techniques!

But, you know what’s coming after your hot vacations? The Legendary days!! Revival mode!

They had just a bit of your taste… and yet they got addicted. They all want to join your Harem! These amazing creatures are joining back Haremverse between the 17th and the 21st of August! To make it even better, legendary gifts will be added to the villains that will capture these legends!


I presented you Levitya in this post. Now, it’s time to meet the legendary android Norou! The most advanced Yonaguni creation! Her creators are unknown, but she is the most brilliant mix of synthetic components and real skin, she’s hardly resistible! Her personality is calm, collected, but can become really hot! She needs you for that! Your mission with her is to activate her and make her restore some memory while rocking her trained body!


There’s one more to present. Meanwhile, all the details about the event, here.

Stay tuned.

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